Camazotz, The Batman That Existed Before DC Comics

Whatever we think we invented today, is or was existing from a very long time. Like Aeroplanes, Astrology, Cricket

But Wait a minute BATMAN.

Yess!! Before we got the most loved and inspired character who says “I am Batman”

In ancient times, there was a God that had the body of a human and the head of a Bat.

He was worshipped by the ancient Maya civilization and was called “Camazotz” which means “Death Bat”

Batman and Camazotz

Batman OR “Batman God” Did DC know?

Of course, we cannot say they Batman was inspired from the ancient deity,

However back in 2014 when Warner Brothers decided to update the look of Batman.

Over 30 artistes gathered for designing the Hero, but one which turned their heads was of Christian Pacheco, owner of a design agency in Yucatan.

He Pointed out the look of Batman and reminded everyone that DC Comics is not the only one with Batman

But the descriptions of the Bat-god is very much similar to that of Batman, Pointy ears, Black colour and especially the head of a bat.

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Origins of the “Bat-God”

The bat God “Camazotz” ways back to 200 BC

The only writing about the bat god is found in an ancient written text, by the name “Popol Vuh”

Popol Vuh - The Sacred Book

Popol Vuh speaks about the ancient mythology and history of the “Kʼiche” one of the Maya people.

2500 years back people of Zapotecs Civilization in Mexico worshipped an anthropomorphic monster with the head of a bat and body of a man

Camazotz was known as the master or god of Mystery, Life and death.

It was believed from the bat god had the power to cure any disease and the priest of the tribe use to prey the god for good health.

Nothing much can be found on the internet about the being.

Anyway, no matter what. And no matter who. We will always love Batman and would want to watch him fight the crime with his wits and skills for a 100 more Years

And no god can beat batman Bec!! He is BATMAN

What do you think?

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