The Silent Twins – Case of The Mysterious Gibbons

The Silent twins: June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons

The Silent twins June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons.
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Medical experts described them as real-life zombies. They were silent; they didn’t speak. They used to walk in a strange and synchronized manner. The silent twins could unsettle anyone who laid eyes on them and observed them.

Today, we bring you the strange and bizarre story of June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons know to the world as The Silent Twins.

Their story was brought to the world by a writer named Marjorie Wallace. Marjorie met The Silent Twins in the 1980s. She spent time with them and wrote about their mysterious and strange life in 1986 in a book called The Silent Twins.

The Silent Twins
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June and Jennifer Gibbons were born in the year 1963. They seemed to be very close to each other. They didn’t speak to anyone but would communicate with each other in a strange manner. They would make strange sounds that only they understood. The Silent Twins turned to literature at an early age and was completely detached from the outside world.

When they were 14 years old, they were separated, so that they would socialize. But it didn’t work out the way they wanted; they went to a catatonic state and became almost lifeless. Their family members re-united them, and The Silent Twins spent many years in a room. Their family members and doctors observed that they performed intricate plays and wrote extensively in diaries.

Things became bizarre when their family members and doctors read their diaries. In those pages, the darkness in their bond and attachment was revealed. They were bond with a strong hatred for each other.

In the diary, June Gibbons wrote that nobody suffers the way she does with her sister. She described her sister as a dark shadow that was robbing her of sunlight, and it torments her. Jennifer Gibbons, on the other hand, confessed that she believes her sister is superior to her in every possible way. She also believed that she (Jennifer) herself is driving her crazy.

These lines were scary enough for their family members. Now they knew why they inflicted bodily harm on one another. They both believed that they were enemies to each other. The strangest part was that they both believed that the other one was their shadow and they might die without the other.

Both June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons wrote novels that were based on themes of violence and mayhem; like Pepsi-Cola Addict and Discomania. Soon they found another way to get the thrills: they became criminals. They stole, burnt houses, occasionally choked each other, and displayed criminal tendencies that were far from being normal. Soon they were caught and transferred to Broadmoor Hospital for treatment.

Gibbons in Hospital
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They became more disturbing and dangerous. Nurses often found them in a frozen position in the same distinct poses. They were in separate cells. They spent 11 years in the hospital and was later transferred to another hospital.

Jennifer Gibbons one day told to Majorie, the journalist who wrote their biography, that she was going to die and it was decided! It was a pact that The Silent Sisters made; one has to die so that the other one could become normal and live a normal life.

In 1993, Jennifer Gibbons died. June said that she said to her – “At long last, we are out!” and she took her last breath right after that. After Jennifer died, June started to show signs of a “normal” woman. She said in an interview that she is normal and wants to get married and have kids.

The headstone in Jennifer’s grave has a poem written by June Gibbons. It reads:

“We once were two – We two made one – We no more two – Through life be one – Rest in Peace.”

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