Here is the FIRST LOOK of Loki in the Upcoming Disney+ Loki Series

Since Avengers: Endgame, there are endless debates on Loki’s whereabouts and if it’s even logical! There are arguments, debates, and of course, fanboy fights. All the questions will be answered, and we will get to see the God of mischief again in his own new series.

Here is a glimpse of the upcoming show on Loki, which was shown off at Disney’s Investor Day!

Disney Loki Series

Source: We Got This Covered

So, while you are still confused about the timelines and if Loki actually escaped his death at the hands of Thanos this glimpse hints towards something that could mean that he went way back. You can see Loki standing near a theatre that is playing the movie, Jaws, which means it is safe to assume that the year could be 1975. In addition to that, even the car looks from that era.

So, will Loki appear in different time periods? How will that affect the Marvel Universe’s continuity? There’s a lot to be answered.

Disney+ will be live in November, and there are no reports on the official release date of the Loki series. Too bad we don’t have a time stone.

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