The Flight That Never Landed


You know the Zanetti train’s story; a train that vanished after it entered a tunnel, and many people witnessed it years after it disappeared. Some theories say that the Zanetti train somehow went through a time portal and is still stuck in a time loop.

Here is another real incident that also hints towards time slips, and this event occurred just a year after the last sighting of the Zanetti train.


The strange case of Flight 914

On September 9, 1922, the air-traffic controllers at the Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela were shocked by their radar system’s unexpected and strange occurrence.

They noticed a small symbol on their radar system that was making its way steadily across the screens; the air-traffic controllers were trying continuously to make contact via their radio system with it.

They received a response from a controller named – Juan De La Corte, from the unknown and mysterious aircraft after multiple efforts. Juan De La Corte was struggling to understand the American aviator and what he was trying to tell him.

Juan started to note down whatever he was getting from the aviator, and the fellow air-controllers gathered around him to read what Juan was noting down.

The pilot said that the aircraft he was flying was the Pan American Airways, Flight 914, which is a Douglas DC-4 Airliner. He said that it set off earlier the same day from New York’s LaGuardia Airport. He continued by saying that he, with three other crew members were flying with 57 passengers.

According to the pilot, they were flying towards Miami, and during the course, they lost signal. Juan was shocked to realize that the flight somehow arrived at a location that was more than 2000 kilometers away from their destination.

While Juan tried explaining the pilot, fellow air-controllers started to survey the charts and maps to understand the route that the American aircraft must have followed that lead the plane here.

The airplane eventually appeared within the visual range of their control tower, and some air-controllers went outside and observed the aircraft’s approach.

It was this point when the pilot started to demand some answers from the Venezuela flight tower. The pilot started asking about the aircraft that he saw on the ground, and he said that the appearance of the flights was confusing to him.

While Juan was trying his best to reason with the pilot and understand what was going on, a fellow controller started to shout that the aircraft seemed to be in some problem.

Juan repeatedly kept asking the pilot about what’s going on, and he could hear clamoring and yelling in the background. Suddenly, he heard someone say that they are “going again!”

The fellow air-controllers saw the airplane turning away from the airport’s airfield. Juan lost the radio contact, but he was trying continuously to re-establish the connection.

Meanwhile, his fellow controllers witnessed the flight disappearing into a cloud bank! They never saw the airplane re-emerge.

The Venezuelan airport dispatched emergency services hoping to find something but found nothing, not even a shard of wreckage. It seemed to have simply vanished.

Juan, with other fellow air-controllers, reported the incident with the Pan American Airlines. This was when things turned bizarre – there was no record or information of Flight 914 flying from the airport of LaGuardia on the September 9 morning in the year 1922.

But there was a record of a Flight 914 that took off on July 2 in the year 1955 – 37 years ago!

They never found that airplane, and it seemed to have disappeared right after it took off, and to date, they found no trace of it.

Are time slips real?

There are reports that say that the story is fabricated, and some say it is another case of time slip.

Can something slip out through the cracks in time? Is the train of Zanetti, Flight 19, and MH370 trapped in a never-ending time loop?

What do you think?

What do you think?

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