The New Trailer of Captain Marve…er…Shazam! Dropped and we are H- Y-P-E-D

Shazam New Trailer 2

Coming this April to your theatres is a not-so-serious superhero! He is Captain Marve…sorry, Shazam!
Billy Batson is a teenager and he keeps running away from foster homes. He believes he can take care of
himself but he has to wait till he is eighteen.
One day, Billy meets an ancient wizard called, Shazam, and when he says the word he transforms into a
magical and super powerful superhero, Shazam.
The movie trailer looks fun and I hope the movie rocks too!
Zachary Levy is playing the role of Shazam and Asher Angel will be Billy Batson in the movie. Mark Strong
will play the role of Doctor Sivana, the villain.
Interestingly, Djimon Hounsou is in Shazam! as well as Captain Marvel. In Shazam, he plays the role of
the ancient wizard, Shazam.
Watch the latest trailer here:

What do you think?

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