“The Umbrella Academy” What Has Changed from Comics to TV

With the increasing number of shows in all Online streaming networks like Netflix, one cannot avoid but notice one or the other TV series of his taste.

Also, with the increase of Superhero related plot stories, many moviemakers are taking out stories and character from comics. One such Tv Series is The Umbrella Acadamy.

The Umbrella Acadamy it’s a comic book adaption of the same name published by “Dark Horse Comics.”

Let’s have a look at the character differences from comics book pages to screens.

Sir Reginald Hargreeves AKA The Monocle

Reginald Hargreeves - Umbrella Academy

Sir Reginald Hargreeves is like Charles Xavier of The Umbrella Acadamy. He is smart, a brilliant scientist, Olympic gold medalist and also the recipient of Nobel Prize. But unlike Professor X, Hargreaves is a very cold towards his adopted kids, so much that he would even punish them if orders not obeyed.

He would call them by numbers and rise them as machines that were built for a purpose.

In the comics too he was the same except for the fact that he is an alien who is in disguise of a human. Though this was not revealed or mentioned in the TV series (Explains how a person can be so many things at the same time).

Grace Hargreeves

Grace - Umbrella Academy
Source – Feededigno

Grace Hargreeves is a Robot Maid. It was programmed to be a mother who can keep up with the specially-abled children.

There is not much in the comics about her but the on-screen adaption of the character portrayed by Jordan Claire Robbins was very good, there were a lot of emotions coiled with the kids especially Diago.

Pogo – The chimpanzee

Pogo - Umbrella Academy

The character of Pogo is the same in both comics and TV Series. He was an assistant to Sir Reginald Hargreeves who was experimented and converted the chimpanzee to a talking animal with cerebral advancement. Sadly its killed by the White Violin.

Number One AKA Luthor

Codename: Spaceboy

Spaceboy - Umbrella Academy

Appreciably enhanced physical strength and resilience. Excels at everything he tries, particularly aviation and marksmanship—and knows it. Dedication bordering on inhuman. Ruthless leadership abilities. My favorite.”

—The Monocle

Abnormally huge hands, chest, and body mostly resembling an ape with the head of a human which is unusually smaller than is his body and also He is the leader of the group.

In the TV series, he is shown as a person who is very embarrassed about his body is not so in the comics, he is bold and doesn’t care much about his appearance.

Number Two AKA Diego

Codename: The Kraken

The Kraken - Umbrella Academy

“An insolent brat. Ability to hold breath indefinitely is of dubious if any use. Not bad with a knife—as illustrated by the amount of gashes in the Caravaggio. Predictably reckless.”

—The Monocle

Could hold his breath for a long time, good with comics, his character depiction was much like that as comics, always against Luthor and his leadership.

It is yet to be made clear how he lost his eye, on the screen he is shown to have a deep cut on the right side of his face. Nothing much is explained about it.

Number Three AKA Allison

Codename: The Rumor

The Rumor - Umbrella Academy

“Insufferable, narcissistic creature, but extremely useful. Prevaricates with appalling ease.”

—The Monocle

She had the power to manipulate through lying. Her speech changed the circumstances to make it true.

She used the powers to get everything in life right from career to love.

In the comics, much is not shown about her personal life, though mentioned that she has a daughter and a broken marriage in flashbacks.

I personally liked the character, she was strong and opinionative and cared for everyone.

Number 4 AKA Klaus

Codename: The Séance

The Séance - Umbrella Academy

“Development of psychic abilities stunted by fretful, morbid temperament. Inexplicable resemblance to an Ingmar Bergman extra.”

—The Monocle

Telekinesis, Talking to the dead, levitation and also possession of others. These make him the most powerful in the team.

But much is not explored in the live version. His abilities to see the dead and hear them lead to a very troubled childhood and eventually to drug addiction caused him not to realize what his true potential. He is seen talking to Ben throughout the season (Spoiler ahead) and channels him to the real world to stop The White Violin for a brief period.

Number 5

Codename: The Boy

The Boy - Umbrella Academy

Disappeared several days ago. No great loss.”    —The Monocle

Most of the storyline is surrounding this character; he is a kid, a time jumper, an assassin, savior of the world (Plays role to some extent) and many go around the character.

Even the live adaption has the same and probably made him very interesting to watch. Stuck in the body of a 10-year-old Boy but the wisdom and experience of a 58year old man.

Number 6 – Ben

Codename: The Horror

The Horror - Umbrella Academy

Gruesome but fascinating. Easily manipulated due to enthusiastic, if naïve nature. Must learn to suppress my nausea in order to study further.”

—The Monocle

Not much is given about “The Horror” in comics. He possesses the ability to summon a beast with tentacles which are said to be under his skin. Died at a very young age.

Details regarding his death are not made clear in the live version; however, Klaus’s ability to talk to the dead makes his appearance notable in the entire season. We get to see his powers in the finale of Season 1 of The Umbrella Academy.

Number 7 – Vanya

Codename: The White Violin

The White Violin - Umbrella Academy

“No discernible talents. Some enthusiasm for music, but mediocre skill—can hardly even hobble through a Paganini caprice. Utterly useless.”

—The Monocle

Now she is the Jean Grey of The Umbrella Academy. Her powers are kept secret since uncontrollable.

Though are not much described in the live version she struggles a lot to understand her powers. All the anger towards the fact that her abilities were kept secret made her burst out in anger and slit Number 5’s throat with her violin bow.

Hazel and Cha Cha 

Hazel and Cha Cha - Umbrella Academy

Both these time-traveling assassins had a much important part to play in the live series. Especially with Hazel’s struggle to change himself and leave behind his past life is done nicely.

Much has not changed apart from their masks.

Starring Colm Feore, Adam Godley, Jordan Claire, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, Justin H. Min, Ellen Page, Mary J. Blige, Cameron Britton

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