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    Joker is Ready! Todd Phillips Shared a New Image!

    The production and post-production work of Todd Phillips’ Joker is complete! At least that’s what Todd wants us to believe when he posted a picture from the movie, Joker, with a caption, “Finishing touches.” Take a look at the image that Todd Phillips Insta Post. You will see Joaquin Phoenix as Joker applying the […] More

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    “Brightburn” Breaking the stereotypes of Superhero Movies

    One of the most popular movies by Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill Vol. 2, was probably the first movie that teased the idea of Superman being a God and the possibility of him looking down upon us as meek, confused, and weak. The thought always seemed interesting that what if the all-powerful superheroes like Superman, Hyperion, […] More

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    The Actual Heroes Behind the Heroes: Scott Snyder

    The Batman who laughs - Scott Snyder

    Irrespective of what the world thinks about the DC Comics’ run, New 52, it will always remain as one of the best runs for Batman stories and fans. The person who should be applauded for that is Scott Snyder. An ardent Elvis Presley fan, Scott Snyder, wrote for both Marvel and DC comics. Some of […] More

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    The Journey of a Superhero

    Before the Ironman movie came out in the year 2008, many of us didn’t even know the character well. Of course, those who read comics or discussed them knew Ironman was a part of Avengers and many major storylines; but he wasn’t as famous as he is today. Today, we can’t even imagine an Avenger movie […] More

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    The Real Hero behind Superheroes: Alan Moore

    Alan Moore is arguably the best political-graphic novel writer and is praised by his critics as well as his peers. Some of his notable works include Watchmen, From Hell, Batman: The Killing Joke, The Ballad of Halo Jones, and V for Vendetta. Alan Moore will always be known for his masterpiece DC/Vertigo comic book, Watchmen […] More