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    What makes a typical onscreen hero?

    Inner struggle

    Short answer: Inner struggle! Of course, the relevance of a hero is almost always in the presence of a villain. A villain is a character that we commonly see as a focused and opinionated character. On the other hand, the hero only has one strong trait, and that is his sense of duty. The importance […] More

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    The Ghost Train


    The Zanetti Train - Social Momus

    The Netflix series, Dark, explored the idea of time traveling and disappearances, but such events are not all fictional. There is no way to confirm, but there are incidents and real events that are still unexplained. There were cases of bizarre and unexplained disappearances where vehicles disappeared with all their occupants. “This is one such […] More

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    Today’s Chef Special


    There is a restaurant at the end of the road that I never found to be any good. It’s not like I don’t like its food, the fact is that I never even ate anything of that restaurant. I want to describe to you how the restaurant looks so that you can stop yourself from […] More

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    The Flight That Never Landed


    You know the Zanetti train’s story; a train that vanished after it entered a tunnel, and many people witnessed it years after it disappeared. Some theories say that the Zanetti train somehow went through a time portal and is still stuck in a time loop. Here is another real incident that also hints towards time […] More

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    A Tale of Time Travel on Ghost Train


    July 14 1911, Sadjino got himself a ticket for a free trail ride on a new train of the railway company Zanetti. All the passengers are excited as they were the first ones to ride on that train. They were enjoying the beautiful scenery around the countryside and having the pep talk. They were about […] More

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    The Strange Story of Aleshenka

    This is about a strange case in 1996. The incident took place in Kyshtym’s territorial district. It was a town that was situated at the Ural Mountains’ southern toe. The territory was the site of the Chelyabinsk fortress. It was during the Tsars and was the Soviet Union’s one of the important places while they […] More

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    The Abduction Story of His Wife


    Over the last five decades or so, there have been numerous evident, eye-witnesses, and stories of one common subject – often suppressed by disbelief, disinformation, and ridiculed. A phenomenon, supposedly experienced by thousands, maybe even millions yet still considered widely as just an interesting topic. Stories of indescribable horror, torment, strange creatures that visit people […] More

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    The Silent Twins – Case of The Mysterious Gibbons

    The Silent twins: June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons Medical experts described them as real-life zombies. They were silent; they didn’t speak. They used to walk in a strange and synchronized manner. The silent twins could unsettle anyone who laid eyes on them and observed them. Today, we bring you the strange and bizarre story of […] More

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    The Terror of ‘Laal Bhoot’ aka Red Ghost – A Small Town Tale

    The Premise I belong to a place named Silchar, which is located on the extreme southern corner of Assam, India. It happens to be the second largest city of Assam – peaceful, not as hybrid as other metros, yet seemingly self-sufficient with the apparent challenges and neglect from the administration. No, I’m not here to […] More

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    The Cursed Movie Script

    Hot Popular

    You read every day, constantly one medium or the other: A Facebook post, a tweet, some SMS, books, e-books, online articles, and even subtitles while watching some movie. Did you ever stop to realise how our life would be if we don’t have anything to read? But can reading something bring your end? An urban […] More

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