The Strange Story of Aleshenka

This is about a strange case in 1996.

The incident took place in Kyshtym’s territorial district. It was a town that was situated at the Ural Mountains’ southern toe.

The territory was the site of the Chelyabinsk fortress. It was during the Tsars and was the Soviet Union’s one of the important places while they were expelling the Nazi invaders during the Great Patriotic War.

The site went on to become house key production facilities. It was used to produce armaments and tanks.

However, this site was also in the proximity of nuclear research facilities. The facilities were created during the Cold War.

The Nuclear Tragedy of 1957

In the year 1957, the Mayak Nuclear fuel that used to reprocess the plant in Kyshtym exploded. The explosion released a radioactive dust cloud that hovered around 20000 kilometres! Further, the Techa River located nearby was also contaminated.

The Nuclear Disaster in 1957
Source – The Times

Although, it didn’t affect the Chelyabinsk town because it was far away, in the following years the river brought the radioactive residue and dumping to the town.

Chelyabinsk also suffered an environmental catastrophe.

According to some ecologists, that was the reason behind the town’s numerous birth defects after years of the disaster.

Perhaps, this helped indirectly in putting the Kyshtym town back on the map.

Ultimately, this town brought the entire scientific community to this town.

The Discovery of Aleshenka

It was a quiet night in May 1996. An elderly woman, Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, was walking in the woods outside Kaolinovvy town.

She heard a strange sound, which sounded like a trapped animal wailing.

She followed the sound and found lying on the ground, a baby.

The baby was lying on the debris of the town’s dump.

She didn’t hesitate for a moment, she instantly picked it up and wrapped the baby in a blanket.

She brought the baby to her apartment. She decided to raise the baby.

Two weeks later, her daughter-in-law visited her. Her daughter-in-law’s name was also Tamara.

The old lady requested her to help her feed the baby.

Tamara Junior saw something that didn’t look anything like a baby.

According to Tamara junior, the baby looked too small for a normal human baby. Further, she added that it wasn’t the size but the appearance that shocked her.

The baby’s head was double the size of its body. The skull had elongated and hard features built into the skull. The eyes were darting very fast back and forth. The eyes appeared larger compared to any human baby. The pupils were seen widening and elongating like a cat’s eyes.

The baby had long arms and fingers. It had no genital and no eyelids.

Tamara Junior was further shocked to see it eat. It had no moveable mouth; instead, it had a small hole.

It didn’t appear to eat the food but suck it.

Tamar junior noticed two sharp teeth in its mouth, but it couldn’t chew. She saw its tongue; which was purple.

She was convinced that the baby is not of this planet.

Tamar senior named the baby, Aleshenka.

Source – Anton. Dion.

The Separation of Tamara and Aleshenka

As days went by, Tamara senior’s neighbours started to notice her behaving strangely. She was too cheerful and was telling everyone she had a baby.

However, she won’t say much when anybody asks how the baby is.

One night, she went to one of our neighbours and said the baby was sick and she’s worried and scared.

One thing leads to another; soon the police showed up. Strangely, the police came to take Tamara senior to protective custody as if they were told to.

She was carried to a hospital for medical evaluation.

A case was made, and it said that her neighbours found her sick and took her to the hospital. She was taken away against her will.

Doctors concluded that she has some mental illness. Her neighbours supported the claim too.

The added that she behaved very strangely sometimes and would sometimes steal flowers from the cemetery.

Nobody realized one thing:

While everyone was busy with Tamara senior, the baby was alone in the apartment.

From this point of time, events became unclear, and speculations took over facts.

No one could say what happened exactly, but when things were pieced together, it gave some clarity.

Vladimir Bendlin and Aleshenka

A policeman, Vladimir Bendlin, was another important character in this story.

Bendlin arrived at a police station in Novogomy town, a nearby town.

He came to question a man called Vladimir Nurdinov.

Nurdinov was a small-time thief, who claimed that he had a dead baby, which he doesn’t know what to do with it.

Bendlin went with Nurdinov and saw a strange dried up and mummified body.

The body looked much like an unborn fetus, emaciated and malformed.

The body was less than 10 inches in height.

Bendlin asked Nurdinov how he obtained the body and from where he got the body?

The story again gets hazy as there’s no record of what Nurdinov said.

Supposedly, Nurdinov knew Tamara senior personally, and he knew it was her adopted baby. He even saw her feeding it too.

Nurdinov then went out of town, and when he got back, he heard Tamar senior was detained. He went to her room and found that the baby had died of hunger and thirst.

Nurdinov took the dead body to his home.

There are again a few sources that said that Tamara junior sent Nurdinov to her room to check the baby. She didn’t want to go herself because she was scared of the baby.

Tamara junior then asked Nurdinov to get the baby a proper burial, which he couldn’t do and eventually found Bendlin.

Bendlin took the body from Nurdinov and wanted to get its DNA analyzed.

Aleshenka’s First Medical Examination

Clinical expert and forensic analyst Doctor Lyubov Romanowa did the tests. She stated that the skin and the body showed no sign of a normal human baby. She further added that the body had features that are impossible for a human child to have even in advanced cases of deformity.

Romanowa found that the skull was composed of just four bones, and the shape indicated of an unnatural elongation. She saw the fingers pointed and long.

The baby’s body was too short compared to the body. The head cavity’s shape was pointed and sharp.

The baby was not of human origin according to her.

“The Kyshtym Alien Story”

Neighbours of Tamara senior started to spread the rumours that she was raising an alien child. Soon the rumours reached the local press.

A local television broadcaster contacted Bendlin for more information on the baby. This made Bendlin record a video of the baby, where he was seen inspecting the body. In that video, one can see the shape and size of the baby in Bendlin’s hand. He moves and turns the body to reveal how strange and small the body was.

Soon, the media made it famous and started to call the whole thing, ‘Kyshtym alien story.”

Kyshtym Alien Story
Source – The Inquisitr

The news spread like wildfire and even broadcasted in other countries as well; like Japan.

Some said that Tamara junior and Nurdinov orchestrated the whole thing for money. However, neither of them went forward to sell the news to anybody.

Boris Zolotov: The Last Keeper

Bendlin eventually handed the body to a UFO research academy that was headed by renowned UFO-logist Boris Zolotov.

After many days, Zolotov gave a bizarre statement. He said that a large alien spacecraft came down and blocked his path. An alien got down of the spacecraft and asked him to hand over the body, and he handed it over. The alien took the body and flew away in the spacecraft.

There are conspiracy theories like the government agents took the body and ensured that Zolotov doesn’t speak about it ever.

Even an eyewitness claimed that a team of unknown people visited Zolotov and Zolotov was seen signing on some papers. The witness claimed that the papers, in which he signed was confidentiality papers and he was prohibited from speaking about it.

These are all speculations, which can’t be confirmed.

The only thing that is certain is that the body was never seen again. The baby, Aleshenka was gone.


In 1997, the shawl that Tamara senior used to wrap the baby was sent to the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics. After several years, they gave a report. The report said no residue indicated any extra-terrestrial substance. However, they found many particles that were of organic material, mixed with human DNA.

Further, the report said that it had flecks of the blood of a female, which pointed towards the possibility of an abortion or miscarriage. There were also traces of alcohol, which could mean that the baby was washed or cleaned.

Now that the body was missing, no theory could be concluded.

Aleshenka could be an underdeveloped fetus or could it be a result of the radioactive fallout that affected Kyshtym, which followed the nuclear disaster in the year 1957?

The skull sharp edges in the skull cavity still make Aleshenka possibility of an alien strong.

Tamara senior said that when the baby was alive, it consumed food, which is impossible for any human infant of that age.

In 1999, Tamara senior was believed to escape the institution where she was being treated. She was last seen outside the facility. People called her and shouted her name, but she didn’t respond much. Suddenly a speeding car appeared out of the darkness ran over her; killing her that instant.

A Story of a Mother and a Baby

Many said it wasn’t a hit-and-run case. They argued how an elderly patient can leave the facility in the first place and even if she did why was she still around that facility?

It’s up to you what you choose to believe.

I don’t know what Aleshenka was? An alien or a human? A tragic result of the radioactive disaster? Maybe we watch too much science fiction and alien stories?

Nobody can be sure, but what I’m sure about is Tamara senior’s love towards something that normal people would call scary or ugly.

Even for a brief time, Aleshenka got his mother, and it was Tamara senior.

Aleshenka’s origin can’t be determined, even today, but warm love and life touched the baby. Tamara selflessly accepted what didn’t even look human.

Although it’s a tragic story of a mother and child, we learned about a brief and rare display of warm-hearted humanity.

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