What happened when Godzilla came to comic book universe? Awesome stuff!

Before dominating the monsters on screen, Godzilla appeared in many comic books – both in Japan and the United States.

People saw Godzilla for the first time in the year 1954 and appeared in various Japanese comic books. In the United States, Godzilla appeared in many comic books since 1976, including mainstream and popular comic book companies like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Dark Horse Comics.

Godzilla appears in Marvel Comics

Godzilla had its own run-in Marvel comics from 1977 to 1979. Godzilla was a star in a story arc with 24 issues! Godzilla appeared near Alaska. Godzilla then travels the continental U.S. and eventually arrives in New York City.

In Marvel comics, Godzilla fought some “kaijus” and some of Marvel’s popular heroes.

Nick Fury was the first among the most popular Marvel characters to encounter with our own King of Monsters and did what he does best – create a team, and he named the team Godzilla Squad!

Later in Godzilla #3, Godzilla faced The Champions, a team that consists of two X-Men – Angel and Iceman, Ghost Rider, Black Widow, Darkstar, and Hercules. The best part was when Hercules toppled Godzilla! However, Godzilla was a stronger force to be stopped by The Champions.

Many lesser-known Marvel characters went toe-to-toe with the Godzilla, but it was until Godzilla #20 when Fantastic Four came into play. Thanks to Pym particles, Godzilla was shrunk to an average human’s size. Sadly, there wasn’t any fight between Galactus and Godzilla.

Fantastic Four somehow sends Godzilla back in time, only to have their time machine explode that brought Godzilla back to the present times.

In Godzilla #23, Godzilla was pitched against The Avengers. It was Captain America, Thor, Ironman, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wasp, and Yellowjacket versus Godzilla. The fight was tough, but Godzilla kept coming back angrier than before.

You’re not going to believe what happens next! After The Champions, The Fantastic Four, and The Avengers failed, Robbie (who was controlling Red Ronin to divert Godzilla in Godzilla in Godzilla #6) begged Godzilla to leave, and Godzilla left!

Godzilla in Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics acquired Godzilla’s rights in 1987 and published various comic books based on Godzilla for the next twelve years.

Dark Horse Comics ran many Godzilla stories in various formats – from one-shot stories to mini-series, and even a prolonged storyline. The noteworthy read was the Godzilla storyline with 16 issues and showed Godzilla battling with various new monsters. There was also a story arc where Godzilla was sent through time to cause the famous San Francisco earthquake in 1906 and sink the Titanic ship! Godzilla also battled the Spanish Armada! Godzilla was then sent to the future and ultimately fights its way back to the present times. Interestingly, according to the story arc, Godzilla was there hours before the asteroid hit the earth, destroying all dinosaurs.

Godzilla gained some popularity outside Japan after readers read its adventures in popular comics like Marvel, The Dark Horse, IDW Publishing, and Legendary comics. Godzilla evolved with time and became everyone’s favorite monster. I feel lucky to live in a time when I can see Godzilla in live-action fighting awesome evil monsters.

I am hoping to see more of Godzilla in the coming days!

What do you think?

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