This Batman Villain DEFINITELY Deserves More Attention! – James Gordon Jr.

Easily one of the top superheroes that we know of, Batman has his separate fan base. There will always be an infinite number of memes, comparisons, and parodies on the Caped Crusader, but you can’t deny his popularity. He is certainly the coolest fictional character today.

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The entire myth of the Batman is so deep and fascinating that even those who never picked up a comic or has zero interest on superheroes also know him and most of the time, admire him! However, it isn’t just the man in the cowl that rules the fictional character. There are characters, and there are villains, who earned their own cult following. Yes, there is Joker too!

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For those who read comics, there is another character that is probably as intelligent and dangerous as Joker and Joker admire him too! That character is none other than Commissioner Gordon’s son – James Gordon Jr. He is psychotic and highly intelligent.

James Gordon Jr
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James Gordon Jr. even reverse-engineered the medicine, Diaxemene, that was prescribed to him. He designed the medicine to make him apathetic instead of inducing empathy on him! It was clear that James Gordon Jr. is a highly intelligent person who can be very dangerous.

James Gordon Jr.’s backstory is filled with suspicions and mystery. His true nature and intentions are often unclear. As a kid, he used to kill animals and dismember them for fun. Even in a few comics, there were hints that he is a potential psycho-killer. Commissioner Gordon never wanted to believe that his son is a psychopath, but his daughter, Barbara always believed that James Gordon Jr. is not what her father thinks he is!

James Gordon Jr
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Much like the Joker, James Gordon Jr. understands human psychology and can get into someone’s head. He knows what to say that will make the person in front of him doubt and overreact. James Gordon Jr. is a natural criminal, and he is not like the typical Batman villain. Both Batman and Joker are well aware of his capabilities, and it was clear in Batman who laughs by Scott Snyder when Batman seeks James Gordon Jr.’s help, and Batman admitted that he is one of the best minds and Joker (who is basically Batman and Joker combined in the storyline) will come for him.

James Gordon Jr. can be a very interesting Bat-Villain, and in my opinion, he can be as good as the Joker. It’s just that the writers and fans need to notice him more so that he can get the attention he rightfully deserves. James Gordon Jr. is probably the only character in the Batman universe that can stand on the line of good and evil and still be interesting.

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