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    Camazotz, The Batman That Existed Before DC Comics

    Whatever we think we invented today, is or was existing from a very long time. Like Aeroplanes, Astrology, Cricket But Wait a minute BATMAN. Yess!! Before we got the most loved and inspired character who says “I am Batman” In ancient times, there was a God that had the body of a human and the […] More

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    The Actual Heroes Behind the Heroes: Scott Snyder

    The Batman who laughs - Scott Snyder

    Irrespective of what the world thinks about the DC Comics’ run, New 52, it will always remain as one of the best runs for Batman stories and fans. The person who should be applauded for that is Scott Snyder. An ardent Elvis Presley fan, Scott Snyder, wrote for both Marvel and DC comics. Some of […] More

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    The Journey of a Superhero

    Before the Ironman movie came out in the year 2008, many of us didn’t even know the character well. Of course, those who read comics or discussed them knew Ironman was a part of Avengers and many major storylines; but he wasn’t as famous as he is today. Today, we can’t even imagine an Avenger movie […] More

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    How Christopher Nolan Got the Joker Right

    There’s a term called “Aporia” Aporia is the philosophical puzzle where the speaker or the person expresses doubt and puts a question to the audience. The idea is to make the listener confuse, yet manipulate him/her to do something that the speaker wants. However, dealing with aporia is not at all easy. A person with […] More

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    5 Things That Many People Get Wrong About Batman

    Batman needs no introduction. In my opinion, Batman and Superman are bigger than their publication house, DC comics. Batman is undoubtedly the most iconic superhero in the comic book world. He didn’t need any popular actor or a renowned filmmaker to get people’s attention! He already had that. For over 75 years, Batman gave us […] More

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    The Dark Knight Rises: The Story of Bane and Batman

    Do you remember a shot in The Dark Knight Rises, where Bruce climbs up the well and just before he takes the longest leap, bats fly out from his back? Source: Quora Did you think the scene was just random? Remember, what the blind prisoner says when he fails to make the climb? He said […] More