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    What happened when Godzilla came to comic book universe? Awesome stuff!

    Before dominating the monsters on screen, Godzilla appeared in many comic books – both in Japan and the United States. People saw Godzilla for the first time in the year 1954 and appeared in various Japanese comic books. In the United States, Godzilla appeared in many comic books since 1976, including mainstream and popular comic […] More

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    A New Snyder Cut Justice League Trailer dropped!

    Snyder Cut Trailer Out

    Last week director Zack Snyder confirmed a brand new trailer for his version of the Justice League movie on the 3rd anniversary of the U.S. release of the film. Zack Snyder left the project in 2017, May, which gave Warner Bros. sometime to retool the film, so it aligns with their vision for the DCEU. […] More

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    Western Superheroes Vs. Indian Superheroes

    Remember, when legendary Stan Lee created an Indian superhero called Chakra The Invincible? It was co-created by Graphic India CEO, Sharad Devaranjan. Chakra The Invincible debuted in the year 2011, and to many fans, it was a hope that someday they can see Chakra in a big screen. Chakra had a very obvious kind of […] More

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    #12 Batman Facts You Will Want to Know

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    #Batman is the most number of Comic Book Appearances Batman has the most number of comic book appearances with the number going up to 14358. Yes… The Cape Crusader is one of the most loved superheroes of all time and the number shows it all. By the way, the number is followed by Superman (13164), […] More

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    Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay: The Game we all wanted!

    The popularity of the Marvel movies has conquered the fans all over the world, and a game with the Avengers in it was something that we all expected. Good news: We have it now! The game is developed by Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider, Blood Omen 2) and was shown off today during E3 2019 presentation […] More

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    “Brightburn” Breaking the stereotypes of Superhero Movies

    One of the most popular movies by Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill Vol. 2, was probably the first movie that teased the idea of Superman being a God and the possibility of him looking down upon us as meek, confused, and weak. The thought always seemed interesting that what if the all-powerful superheroes like Superman, Hyperion, […] More

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    Camazotz, The Batman That Existed Before DC Comics

    Whatever we think we invented today, is or was existing from a very long time. Like Aeroplanes, Astrology, Cricket But Wait a minute BATMAN. Yess!! Before we got the most loved and inspired character who says “I am Batman” In ancient times, there was a God that had the body of a human and the […] More

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    The Incredible Hulk: The Perfect Case of Split Personality?

    Unfortunately, with so many superheroes ruling the screen, the other superheroes had to be watered down for the mass demand. One of such characters is the Green Goliath, The Incredible Hulk. Sadly, the character has been reduced to a big cute one-dimensional character, especially after Thor: Ragnarok. Not that I didn’t enjoy the movie, it […] More

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    The Punisher: The War Veteran, a Hero or a Terrorist!?!

    The Punisher: Extended Cut (2006), the animated prologue Frank Castle and his team are on a mission to arrest two suspects who murdered two U.N. Peacekeepers. Frank captures the two suspects and delivers to the major. “Frank Castle – Secure the prisoners! Major – Secure them? We are going to terminate these murderers right here, […] More

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