The Incredible Hulk: The Perfect Case of Split Personality?

Unfortunately, with so many superheroes ruling the screen, the other superheroes had to be watered down for the mass demand. One of such characters is the Green Goliath, The Incredible Hulk. Sadly, the character has been reduced to a big cute one-dimensional character, especially after Thor: Ragnarok. Not that I didn’t enjoy the movie, it was a wonderful movie but the Hulk was nothing more than a supporting character in the movie. In my opinion, one of the best depictions of the Incredible Hulk was by Mark Millar in The Ultimates. It was exactly how the Hulk should be. Let me slow down a bit and explain my take on the Hulk.

The Real Heroes Behind Superheroes: Mark Millar

Hulk in The Ultimates
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Bruce Banner and his Dual Personalities

It’s natural that Bruce Banner had a personality suppressed somewhere deep inside. He is a nerd and is not very attractive in any version, yet he loves a woman who is the daughter of a powerful man. In addition to that, Bruce Banner had a very troubled childhood; an abusive father and a class full of bullies. His anger was suppressed deep down inside and the Gamma blast only got it out!

That’s a possible explanation that I would like to believe in. In Frank Millar’s version, Bruce Banner lets out the Hulk when he thought there’s nothing else to do. A defeated, jealous, angry, and frustrated Bruce Banner lets out the all-powerful Hulk; because his girlfriend Betty Ross went on a date and he couldn’t take it. The Hulk finds them and threatens her and boasts his massive erection, all these were the signs which suggested that the Hulk boasted an alpha male-like attitude. This version of Hulk wasn’t afraid of anybody and even didn’t care of the “superhero” image. In a disturbing situation, the Hulk even eats humans!

Superheroes and Their Secret Identities: How do they Manage Two Identities? Or Do They?

Hulk Angry
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Another interesting shot was in the 2012 movie, Avengers, where Bruce Banner says to Steve Rogers that his secret was that he is always angry. Of course, he will be always angry but it’s just that when he feels it is getting too much he lets out the Hulk. So, here’s another question: Does Bruce Banner somehow controls the Hulk and lets him out when he feels like? Or, the Hulk takes over when he wishes? In my opinion, we have both versions but the Hulk has to be a product of Bruce Banner’s suppressed identity, which grew stronger with a troubled childhood and the rejection of the society and the gamma rays only gave it a form.

That’s my opinion, what’s yours? Write in the comment section!

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