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    Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay: The Game we all wanted!

    The popularity of the Marvel movies has conquered the fans all over the world, and a game with the Avengers in it was something that we all expected. Good news: We have it now! The game is developed by Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider, Blood Omen 2) and was shown off today during E3 2019 presentation […] More

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    The Incredible Hulk: The Perfect Case of Split Personality?

    Unfortunately, with so many superheroes ruling the screen, the other superheroes had to be watered down for the mass demand. One of such characters is the Green Goliath, The Incredible Hulk. Sadly, the character has been reduced to a big cute one-dimensional character, especially after Thor: Ragnarok. Not that I didn’t enjoy the movie, it […] More