The Awesome and Super Badass Super Heroine, Captain Marvel!

In Avengers 4, Captain Marvel will face Thanos (most probably), and Thanos probably has no idea how powerful she is!

Now with the release of the recent trailer –  Captain Marvel | Special Look

Watch the trailer here:

I thought it’s a good time to tell you a bit about Captain Marvel and how awesome she is.

Let’s start.

Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel is one of the most incredible female characters in the entire comic universe.

Carol Danvers joined the Air Force before becoming Captain Marvel.

She went on to join NASA too. So she’s not one of the characters who are just strong. She’s smart and strong.

Carol Danvers to Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers was working with NASA when some aliens attacked earth.

She got caught in the battle between Mar-Vell (a Kree superhero) and the Kree aliens.

Mar-Vell was the actual or first Captain Marvel.

mar-vell captain marvel

While Mar-Vell and the Kree aliens were fighting, Carol somehow gets stuck in a machine. The machine was called the Psyche-Magnitron.

After she gets caught inside the Psyche-Magnitron, the machine exploded.

The blast emitted energy, which merged DNA strands of Mar-Vell with Carol’s DNA. As a result, Carol developed an extra Kree brain lobe. Additionally, she got most of the superpowers of Mar-Vell.

That is when Carol Danvers become the superheroine, Captain Marvel.

Being Captain Marvel finally!

Carol Danvers, after getting the superpowers, had some superhero names.

The superhero names before being called as Captain Marvel were Miss Marvel, Binary, Warbird, and Miss Marvel (again).

But when Mar-Vell died, she took up the name, Captain Marvel.

Captain marvel first appearance

How powerful is Captain Marvel?


She has the power of super speed, super strength, light energy and photon blasts, extreme durability, flight, binary form, energy absorption, and energy field creation.

If Captain Marvel absorbs enough energy, she can have the power of white hole and star-level energy!

In addition to all these superpowers, Captain Marvel is an expert in combat skills. She learned to fight during her training days with the Air Force.

Captain Marvel with Avengers

Captain Marvel delivered a force of 92 tons while training with Avengers! That is more than any destructive nuclear missile.

Although, she’s not the fastest being in the Marvel universe she’s pretty fast.

She once flew to the exosphere from Broadway in less than 2 minutes. The exosphere is almost 10,000 km. from the surface of the earth.

Captain Marvel defeated Hulk and Vision too.

So Thanos better be careful because Captain Marvel is coming!

Captain Marvel Beats Thanos
Source: Comic Book Club

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