The Ghost Train

The Zanetti Train - Social Momus
Source - Mental Floss

The Netflix series, Dark, explored the idea of time traveling and disappearances, but such events are not all fictional. There is no way to confirm, but there are incidents and real events that are still unexplained.

There were cases of bizarre and unexplained disappearances where vehicles disappeared with all their occupants.

“This is one such story”.

The Zanetti Train

The Zanetti Train - Social Momus
Source – Mental Floss

In 1911, before the Great War, an Italian manufacturing firm in Rome was on a lookout for investments for their rail project. They constructed a prototype locomotive, and the directors of the company invited local dignitaries and investors.

They offered the investors and dignitaries a chance to take a ride. On 14th July, the prototype train started from Rome’s principal train station and traveled to Milan’s northern city. The engine pulled with it three passenger cars, and there were 106 passengers in total, including the guests and employees.

The train crossed Lombardy’s southern regions and wasn’t far from the final destination. They passed through the mountainous region, and the locomotive had to bear the rocky plains to reach the final destination.

The locomotive approached the first tunnel in many tunnels that had been carved long ago through the mountains’ base. It is when a few passengers started to experience a strange phenomenon. Few of them even said to the train stewards that they saw a strange white haze that started to form on the train’s exterior.

Few of them started to feel nauseous because of a mysterious deep and ominous humming sound that started pulsating through every carriage. A passenger looked out the window and started to scream for help. The mysterious haze was much like a fog that was pouring out the tunnel’s opening, which the train was approaching rapidly. The fog enveloped the carriages and reduced the visibility inside the carriages. The passengers rushed, started to panic, and rushed towards the doors. Amidst all the chaos, panic, and shouting, two passengers successfully jumped off the train and saw the train entering the tunnel and felt as if it was vanishing from their sight.

It took hours for the news to reach the office in Rome, and the office employees did everything to alert Milan’s authorities. A rescue staff rushed to the network of the tunnel and started to locate the train. They couldn’t find anything – no bodies or wreckage. There was no trace or sign of the train or its passing through these tunnels. The company did its best to control the coverage of the newspapers’ incident, and they continued their search for years.

Eventually, the tunnels were closed down after sustaining severe damages from the bombings of World War 2.

This is the story of the Zanetti train.

The Reappearance

It was almost 40 years later when something mysterious occurred 2000 kilometers away from the spot where the Zanetti train disappeared.

On 29th October 1955, a signalman in a railway station in Sevastopol, a city in Ukrania, reported that a strange train passed through the crossing. He described that the train looked very old and had three carriages. The mysterious train was witnessed several times throughout the countryside of Ukrania.

In September 1991, few hikers reported that they saw the same train crossing Poltava. Researchers and observers stated that the train’s design and built was from the middle ages. Many witnesses reported similar incidents of a train passing by and disappearing from their view.

Did the train enter some kind of a doorway or time portal, which caused the train to travel forward and backward through time?

Are the Zanetti train and its passengers stuck in a time loop?

What do you think?

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