The Abduction Story of His Wife

Over the last five decades or so, there have been numerous evident, eye-witnesses, and stories of one common subject – often suppressed by disbelief, disinformation, and ridiculed. A phenomenon, supposedly experienced by thousands, maybe even millions yet still considered widely as just an interesting topic.

Stories of indescribable horror, torment, strange creatures that visit people and take them away! We are talking about alien abduction. Some cases become well-known, but credible accounts or proofs of such phenomenon are difficult to find as often the waters are muddied by the authenticity or stigma, which surrounds such encounters. However, some UFO experts try to reach out to or contact the victims of the frightening alien encounters, and offer them support.

Alien Abduction

Here’s a story that I heard from a victim.

I ran into a troubled man years ago while travelling to the next city; it was a late night, and our bus stopped for some time. He looked genuinely troubled. I went to him and offered him tea. He was 45 years old and said that he used to be a driver, travelling from one city to another.

I told that he looks troubled, but he was visibly not interested in sharing his story, and I didn’t even ask twice. Suddenly, he started speaking.

According to him, he was on the road one night, when his wife called who was at home. She had a distressed tone in her voice. His wife claimed that she was in their backyard when she had blacked out suddenly. And upon waking almost 3 or 4 hours later, she was convinced that she had been drugged and sexually assaulted!

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He turned his truck around immediately and headed home. He asked her to call the police, but she couldn’t as she was still in the panic state. When they arrived home, he found his wife still terrified and shocked. His wife came closer and whispered in his ear, “It was aliens…They kidnapped me, and they did bad things to me.” Although he was shocked to hear that, he dismissed it initially and pretended to believe her. He took her to the emergency room of a hospital later that night. The medical examiners said that they didn’t find any sign of sexual assault on her. He didn’t go back to work for a few days and stayed home to help his wife recover from the traumatising events.

The following morning, he went to mow the lawn in his back yard. He found strange signs that changed his mind. In the corner, he discovered four identical circular burn marks that were imprinted on the grass and a smaller circular burn on the fence board. He was puzzled. He knelt and picked up a few blackened grass. The grass blades were so brittle that they disintegrated in his palm. He looked up and saw that several leaves above were burned black too but what he found alarming was that the leaves hung almost fifteen feet over his head. It seemed something very hot had hovered or flew above the trees, which scorched the earth below and the leaves. He was convinced that there was something abnormal about the whole scene. He understood that there could be more to his wife’s disturbing account.

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As time passed, his wife started behaving erratically. He took her to a psychiatrist, who somehow managed to calm her and get her to recall everything that happened that evening, to an alarming detail. She said that he remembers that she saw a large object when she was in the backyard, and it hovered above her. It shrouded her in a very bright light where he discovered the burn marks on the lawn. Then, she was taken aboard that object, and she saw strange entities. Those beings performed a few painful, intrusive acts upon his wife, which left her in a catatonic state for many days after that encounter.

He had to go back to work. He gave her a handgun for self-defence. This was his biggest mistake.

The next night he returned home, and he found his wife lying dead with a gunshot wound to her head. She had finally gathered the courage to turn the gun on herself.

Devastated, and shattered he started looking for answers. He collected the samples of the burned grass blades and took these samples to the nearby college. He left the samples with the college’s head researcher. The researcher told him that he found trace amounts of radiation in those samples. That gave him hopes. After a few days, he went to college again to know more, but he found something entirely different!

The researcher told him there were no conclusive signs of radiation in the samples. The researcher asked him to take away the samples. His hunt for answers seemed to be over.

His wife’s story seemed to be a case of alien abduction. The details about his wife’s experience were similar to many encounters with aliens or extra-terrestrial beings. The burnt grasses and the presence of radiation also seemed reminiscent of radioactive residue that is often discovered at alleged UFO sites.

I was still wondering if his story is genuine or not? His account was detailed and vivid. It has been four years since I met the man.

What do you think? Are we alone in the universe or they come to visit us, and to study us?

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What do you think?

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