Spider-Man: A Superhero You can’t Hate!

Since the beginning, SpiderMan’s stories and movies formed a subtext, which is class conflict issues. It was prominent in Sam Raimi’s SpiderMan movies and somehow is sidelined in the new MCU Spider-Man stories.

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However, the new Spider-Man stories do have the corporate malfeasance and economic injustice angle. Till Spider-Man: Far from home and Avengers: Endgame, if there’s a consistent theme or fact to the Spider-Man stories, it’s that Spider-Man’s secret identity: Peter Parker and his secret wish to be recognized, rich and famous. Peter Parker also wants to be rich as he has a lot of responsibilities. Therefore, his desire to be rich is not selfish.

Superheroes and Their Secret Identities: How do they Manage Two Identities? Or Do They?

In all the three Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies, he never rose to be powerful and wealthy. He did although, got tempted to abandon decency and his deep-rooted sense of selflessness. Similar to Spider-Man 3 (the movie), SpiderMan abandons his morals and tries hard to earn more money in Amazing Spider-Man #558-560. However, in the end, Peter does the right thing but only after realizing his wrongdoings. Such inner turmoil makes Peter Parker/SpiderMan real as a character.

Spiderman 3
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Is Peter intimidated by Tony Start because he’s rich, wealthy, and powerful?

SpiderMan is recognized as the perfect “Everyman” superhero. He is as naive as an ordinary man when it comes to corporate corruption. J. Jonah Jameson almost always plays him and pay him lesser; he struggles with his jobs and often gets a job that’s inferior to his skills and calibre.

A question often troubles me: Is Peter intimidated by Tony Start because he’s rich, wealthy, and powerful? Is that a war he thinks he cannot win against him? These questions can be answered in many ways, but the fact that he behaves like Tony’s sidekick will remain.

How Super is Superman?

SpiderMan matures to be a superhero and a saviour. For example, Superman started as a selfless superhero the moment he got his senses. On the other hand, the first instinct of Spider-Man, right after he got his powers, was not to fight crime but to be rich and seek fortune. He begins with a career of a professional wrestler, featuring on TV shows like The Ed Sullivan Show and The Tonight Show. Being too much into himself, Peter ignores a crime, and that costs him his dear uncle. That was when things change, and Peter becomes Spider-Man, but the occasional desire to be rich and famous creeps in and that’s probably the most real thing about this character because that’s how a normal person is!

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Peter Parker is more forgiving than any other superhero, in my opinion. It’s very evident in his stories. In Spider-Man 3 (movie), he sympathized with Sandman and just let him go despite knowing the fact that he is a criminal. SpiderMan is one of the few characters who sympathize with Frank Castle (The Punisher), whereas most Marvel superheroes consider him no less than any villain. In Ultimate Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends written by Bendis, SpiderMan is seen feeling sorry for a villain, Shocker. In The Amazing Spider-Man Issue #1 (2018), Peter Parker lives with a person who is a villain called Boomerang and Peter knows that!

The Amazing Spider-Man Issue

It’s very common for SpiderMan/Peter Parker to make a wrong move, feel guilty, and then try hard to set things right. One of the best examples is the Civil War written by one of the greatest comic writers, Mark Millar. Peter joins Tony Stark and supports the Superhero Registration Act. Peter Parker later realizes that it’s an unfair act after he sees Goliath killed by another superhero and then goes to Steve Rogers (Captain America) betraying Stark and it’s then when we see Peter Parker finally taking responsibility of his actions (issue #5-6).

Donny Cates The writer of comics: VENOM, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, DOCTOR STRANGE, and many more awesome comics recently tweeted “I cry almost every single time I write Spider-Man. And tonight was no exception. Man, I love that guy.

Spider-Man is probably one of the few superheroes in the comic world who most can relate to, and the reason is, he always tries so hard! Whereas other superheroes just do the right thing, Peter works very hard to do the right thing, and that’s what makes him the most relatable superhero today.

Why you can’t hate SpiderMan? It’s because he and his stories are relatable!

What do you think?

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