#12 Batman Facts You Will Want to Know

#Batman is the most number of Comic Book Appearances

Batman Appearances

Batman has the most number of comic book appearances with the number going up to 14358.

Yes… The Cape Crusader is one of the most loved superheroes of all time and the number shows it all.

By the way, the number is followed by Superman (13164), Wolverine (12912) and Spiderman (12164)

#Gotham City is pretty old

Gotham City, Batman

Gotham the City of Batman was first mentioned in Batman Issue #4 in the year 1940.

Unlike Marvel, DC uses an imaginary name for all the cities and locations of the Heros. Superman is from Metropolis, WonderWoman is from Themescera.

Which makes it an advantage the DC creators, since there are no limits to their imagination of the place.

#Joker Infected Superman, Flash and Wonderwoman to Kill Batman

Batman EndGame Cover

In the Endgame New 53 series. Joker Infected Superman, Flash and Wonder Woman and used them to Kill Batman. Batman defeated them all.

Now many feel that Batman is overdone and I too have said In many of my other blogs that the Phrase “Because…I am Batman” has become so famous that it has become a Joke that Batman can do anything.

(Batman Fan alert)

But no matter what people say, it is convincing enough on how he does that. Thanks to the creators, they have planned it so well as how a mere human can even bring down the Equals of God.

#We May have got the Batman V Superman in 2000

Batman V Superman
Source – Hollywood Reporter

The Batman Vs Superman movie was proposed back in 2000 but sadly was abandoned in 2002 for many unknown reasons.

I don’t know how many of you liked watching Batman V Superman. Most of the people I met had a mixed feeling about the movie, even I have the same.

Check out my Article on 10 Reasons Why I love and Hate Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice

#Joker was supposed to die in the Second appearance

Joker Killed in Batman

The character of Joker was supposed to be killed off in his second appearance in comics but was saved by Whitey Ellsworth, The then editor of DC Comics.

Maybe this man saw potential in the character. Bless him.

We would never have got to watch The Clown Prince of Crime.

#Joker Didn’t Kill Jason Todd

Jason Todd Death
Source – DC Universe

Ok ook…Joker was the one who killed Jason Todd with a crowbar.

But it was the fans who voted to kill Jason Todd’s character. The total votes went up to 5,343 and 5,271 to keep him in the comics. Justtt Miss.!!

Bad for Jason Good for the Plot, we got the Red Hood.

#Batman was not created by Bob Kane At least as we know him now

Source – Newsarama

Back in the 1930s, Bob Kane had an idea and named the character Batman. A crime fighter who wore a domino mask and a red suit.

Later Bill finger took it up and added all the cool costumes, Gadgets and cars we see today.

#Dark Claw, A Combination of Batman and Wolverine

Dark Claw
Source – CBR

In one of the Marvel and DC crossover, we get to see a character “Logan Wayne”. He was used in the Weapon X project and gets his Powers.

He wears Batman’s Costume laced with Wolverines Yellow Suit and Claws.

#Huntress Was the daughter of Batman

Batman's Daughter

Now anything can happen in comics. In one of the Batman comics, Batman marries Catwoman. They both have a daughter “Helena Wayne”.

She becomes the huntress.

#Batman’s favourite food is a Tamil Recipe

Batman Loves Soup

In Batman #701 Alfred said that Batman’s favourite soup is Mulligatawny Soup. It is an English Chicken and Lamb Soup based in a Tamil Recipe.

#Catwoman was a result of Homosexual Allegation on Batman


A German psychiatrist “Fredric Wertham” accused Batman and Robin to have a homosexual relationship in his book, ‘Seduction of the Innocent’ in 1954.

This led to the creation of Catwoman a love interest of Batman, and Catwoman turned out to be a loved character by fans.

Batman got lucky.

#Batman walks the Hall of Fame


Batman is being announced as the inaugural inductee to the Comic-Con Museum’s Character Hall of Fame later this year

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