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    #12 Batman Facts You Will Want to Know

    #Batman is the most number of Comic Book Appearances Batman has the most number of comic book appearances with the number going up to 14358. Yes… The Cape Crusader is one of the most loved superheroes of all time and the number shows it all. By the way, the number is followed by Superman (13164), […] More

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    5 Haunted Paintings That You Should Never Have in Your Home!

    Painting is easy when do not know how, but very difficult when you do – Edgar Degas, French artist. I watched a movie called Velvet Buzzsaw directed by Dan Gilroy; starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie was about haunted paintings. The movie was about some haunted paintings that were painted by a deceased man who captured his […] More

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    Scared Of My Own Reflection

    Humans don’t usually look alike, but it’s not unnatural to have at least one look-alike for each of us. You see the features and characteristics of humans can arrange themselves in a certain number of times. The number, however big, is finite. The combination of the characteristics and features will repeat itself, especially features like […] More