Death of Gaurav Tiwari – The Ghost Hunter From India

Death of Gaurav Tiwari

A young ghost hunter died, in July 2016,  after visiting a supposedly a haunted property. Authorities closed the case as a suicide, but many people including the ones close to him still believe that there was something else, something “evil” behind the death of Gaurav Tiwari

Gaurav wanted to become an actor since he was a kid. He struggled hard and landed roles in movies like December 16 and Tango Charlie. Gaurav was sure that he would soon achieve better things in life. Gaurav had no idea what’s waiting for him.

Eventually, Gaurav grew tired of struggling and began to think of other career choices. Gaurav was passionate about aircraft as well. At the age of 21, Gaurav shifted to the United States. He wanted to be trained as a pilot so that he can make flying airplanes his career. Gaurav moved with few friends in an apartment in Florida. Gaurav still has no clue that this is just the beginning of his tragic death.

As soon as Gaurav shifted to his residence, stranger things started to happen. He would find the furniture moved from their places and hear strange voices. He even saw windows and doors opening and closing on their own. Gaurav even witnessed few ghostly apparitions as well. However, Gaurav didn’t believe in any of these and chose to ignore them. Gradually he became more fascinated with such occurrences; he wasn’t frightened or scared. He started to view and analyze them scientifically and always tried to find a rational explanation for such events.

Gaurav couldn’t find any logical explanation for what was happening around him, but that made him more curious and with time the curiosity increased. He made it his passion and wanted to investigate the paranormal and supernatural events.

Gaurav graduated from Texas’ MVP Aero Academy. He was no longer excited about it; flying planes are no longer his passion. He went deep into the paranormal investigation. The U.S. Para Nexus Association certified Gaurav as an anomalous lead investigator. This was the moment when Gaurav finally became a paranormal investigator and started his journey to know the unknown.

Gaurav returned to India in the year 2009, and he established his own team of paranormal investigators. He named it, “The Indian Paranormal Society.” With the help of his team, Gaurav visited and helped families and individuals to get rid of paranormal problems. Gaurav became popular and could never rest. As an organization, “The Indian Paranormal Society” became more successful, and Gaurav became busier than before. Their organization used to receive more than 500 phone calls and more than 250 messages per day. Gaurav started hiring, and his team got bigger.

Gaurav Tiwari - The Indian Paranormal Society
Source – Punjab Kesari

Gaurav was getting popular, and various TV shows wanted his interview. Gaurav appeared in one of the episodes of MTV Girls Night Out. Although the theme of the show seemed to revolve around alcohol-fueled nights out and adventures, it was a reality show about paranormal events. The show took their crew to the haunted location to shoot and speak to eyewitnesses who saw anything ghostly in a specific area.

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Gaurav Tiwari also appeared in another paranormal-themed show called “Bhoot aya.” He was the lead paranormal investigator in that show. He would visit haunted places and talk to the eyewitnesses and then give his logical reasons behind such activities.

In the year 2014, Gaurav’s fame touched the sky. Gaurav got the opportunity to work with paranormal experts from Australia, UK, and the US. Gaurav co-created the series called Haunting: Australia. He was an integral part of the investigating team. He was fearless and would sometimes go to a supposedly-haunted location alone to film.

Gaurav Tiwari - Haunting Australia
Source – Dread Central

After, Haunting: Australia show, Gaurav came back to work with the Indian Paranormal Society again.

On July 6, 2016, Gaurav attended a haunted property located in West Delhi (Janakpuri neighborhood) A family suffered and had to leave the place because of a violent and evil entity. Gaurav and his team cleansed the house and left at 2 am. Upon reaching home, Gaurav had an argument with his wife who wasn’t happy with Gaurav’s working hours. Gaurav slept in a separate room that night. That was his last day.

Gaurav died the next day (7th July  2016)

Gaurav went to have a shower and at around 11 am, his wife and his father heard a loud thud. The sound came from the bathroom. She didn’t take it seriously, but after a few minutes, she went to check. The bathroom door was locked from the inside, and there was no sound coming from the inside. There were no sounds of the tap running or water splashes; it was just quiet. She knocked and called Gaurav by his name, but no reply came. She then asked Gaurav’s father to help her open the door. Gaurav’s father could open the door and upon entering he and Gaurav’s wife saw Gaurav lying on the floor on his back. His eyes were bulging out and gasping for air. He was rushed to a hospital, but he died shortly after.

Medical examiners saw a dark and thin line of bruising around Gaurav’s neck; strangely his family members didn’t notice the bruise when they first found him. The cause of death was asphyxiation, but later it was told that he had a heart attack.

Gaurav Tiwari's Death
Source – AajTak

Till today it’s not clear who did that Gaurav. He couldn’t strangle himself, and there was nobody in the bathroom with him; nobody visible.

Gaurav’s father told the police that Gaurav said to him that he used to feel very uncomfortable and he was being followed. He also said that he was being watched by something that refuses to leave him.

Gaurav once mentioned that marks around the neck, like he had on his own, are actually vengeful spirits inflicting injuries.

So, what should we believe? Did something evil and paranormal kill Gaurav?

Or it was just death by natural causes?

Gaurav Tiwari once stated that he didn’t believe in paranormal activities. According to him, most hauntings were manifested by the people who experienced such hauntings.

What do you think?

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