5 Haunted Paintings That You Should Never Have in Your Home!

Painting is easy when do not know how, but very difficult when you do

– Edgar Degas, French artist.

I watched a movie called Velvet Buzzsaw directed by Dan Gilroy; starring Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie was about haunted paintings. The movie was about some haunted paintings that were painted by a deceased man who captured his anger and tragic life in them. Anyone who wanted to profit from them met with scary ends. It was a good watch but can a painting be haunted?

Paintings often have histories and backstories. It’s true that they can inspire you and make you feel connected. But what if a painting is just a doorway for evil spirits to reach you? What if a painting is so haunted that it can destroy you? Believe it or not, there are paintings that are locked away from people because they are haunted.

Here are 5 haunted paintings that are now locked away somewhere; away from people’s reach.

The Anguished Man (Unknown)

The Anguished Man - Haunted Painting
Source – Dread Central

The Anguished Man” is one of the creepiest paintings in the world because of its backstory. Sean Robinson got the painting from his grandmother. He said that the “unknown artist” used oils mixed with his own blood to finish the painting. The painter is said to have committed suicide right after finishing the painting. Sean Robinson said that whenever he displayed the painting, a dark figure loomed over his bed and he would hear loud banging noises. He locked it away in his basement.

Sean Robinson post updates about the paintings on his YouTube channel.

The Dead Mother (Edvard Munch)

The Dead Mother - Haunted Painting
Source – www.wikiart.org

Expressionist artist, Edvard Munch, who also painted the eerie painting called “The Scream” painted the “The Dead Mother.” He painted 30 years after his mother died from tuberculosis. The painting depicts a little girl standing beside the body of her mother. People say that they saw the girl’s eyes follow them and they even believed that they heard the dead mother’s be sheets rustle.

The Hands Resist Him (Bill Stoneham)

The Hands Resist Him - Haunted Painting
Source – Pinterest

The painting has disembodied hands pressed against a glass window, a creepy kid, and a creepy doll. “The Hands Resist Him” is a painting that is based on one Bill Stoneham’s childhood photograph. There is a young boy standing in the painting beside a doll; behind them, there’s a glass barrier or a window and there are many hands pressed on that. The glass window or barrier represents the wall or barrier between the dream world and the real world.

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A family sold the painting on eBay. They said that they saw the doll and the boy came to life and the doll pointed a handgun at the boy. The painting is now locked away in a gallery, away from anyone’s reach.

The Crying Boy (Bruno Amadio)

The Crying Boy - Haunted Painting
Source – The 13th Floor

“The Crying Boy” is another cursed painting that was made famous after a renowned British newspaper reported a house fire. The house was in South Yorkshire, and the owners said that the fire broke out because of that painting. The house was burnt to the ground, but the painting and frame survived. Many of the later owners said that their house caught fire and was completely destroyed, but the painting never got burnt.

There are also few who said that they tried to set the painting on fire, but it never gets burned.

Love Letter (Richard King)

Love Letter - Haunted Painting
Source – Twitter

The “Love Letter” is a haunted painting that is hanging in one of the most haunted hotels in the world, The Driskill Hotel in Texas. The painting is said to be a replica of a painting by Charles Trevor Garland, and the girl in the painting is believed to be his daughter who died falling down a staircase, following a ball. The hotel visitors believe that the girl has attached herself to the painting.

Many said that when they stare at the painting, the girl’s expression changed and they could hear a ball bouncing.

These are the 5 most haunted paintings in the world.

If you know of more such haunted pictures and paintings, share them in the comments.

What do you think?

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