Shazam…!! Read It Before You Watch The Movie On 5th of April

You may think that “abracadabra” is the most famous magic words. I feel it’s Shazam! Because if you are keeping score, then Shazam was shouted in comics and cartoons for more than 70 years. You know well, who says the magic word.

It’s Captain Marve…er…Shazam! I really don’t want to go into the debate of Captain Marvel and Shazam! Because I think both of them are awesome, so it’s okay if one gets the name of Captain Marvel and dear Billy Batson gets Shazam!

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So, we know that when Billy Batson, a young boy, whenever says the two syllables “Shazam” he magically turns to a super powerful adult. The boy, Billy Batson, is an orphan who was eagerly waiting to turn 18 so that he could be all by himself and take care of himself. He has the strangest way of protecting himself, and that is by distancing himself from everyone.

Everything changes when Billy Batson meets a wizard called Shazam, who introduces him to this superpower and the powerful word. Shazam, the wizard, further tells him that his name is an acronym for six Gods and each God will empower him with their abilities.

S: Solomon’s wisdom

H: Hercules’ strength

A: Atlas’ stamina

Z: Zeus’ power

A: Achilles’ courage

M: Mercury’s speed

Shazam is powerful, and one may say that he is as strong and powerful as Superman. Whether he can take on Superman and defeat him or not is still debatable. There were instances when Superman admitted that Shazam is very powerful. He is called Earth’s mightiest mortal. There’s another reason why Shazam! can have the upper hand over Superman; his powers are basically magic and it’s a popular belief that Superman can be somehow defeated by magic.

Shazam vs Superman
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Shazam! can give powers too! He transformed his new-found brothers and sisters into superheroes. In addition to that, he also transformed a tiger into a super-powered tiger! The most interesting part of the character is that inside this great Superhero, there’s a teen boy, Billy Batson. Billy Batson has his own mind and that makes the character of Shazam! Even more interesting because it’s not like the characters change completely. The mind stays the same, it’s just the body changes.

I find Shazam! extremely entertaining because where we see overpowered superheroes like Superman, Thor or Sentry serious and mature; Shazam! is an overpowered superhero who’s a kid inside and that brings in different humour and tone.

What do you think?

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