Reign of the Supermen (2019) Movie Review

Seenematograph: 6/10

Genre: Superhero/Animation

Director: Sam Liu

Cast (Voice): Jerry O’Connell, Rebecca Romijn, Patrick Fabian, Rainn Wilson, Cameron Monaghan, Charles Halford, Jason O’Mara, Cress Williams

Country: USA

Language: English

Reign of the Supermen - Momus Review
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While every comic book fan was praising Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – I felt The Death of Superman ended up as one of the most underrated animated superhero movies in recent years. The movie fixed almost everything that the DC cinematic universe messed up the live adaptation of the iconic Superman versus Doomsday showdown! (Yeah, the Doomsday design in BvS sucked!). The follow-up of The Death of Superman, Reign of the Supermen somehow failed to match up the expectations, but nevertheless, it still is a great movie. In my opinion, it is difficult to cover and do justice to the entire Reign of The Supermen story-arc in just a movie. But, surprisingly, the DC animated movie succeeded to cover The Death Of Superman story-arc impressively. I’m a huge fan of DC animation movies, and Reign of Supermen didn’t disappoint. It successfully carries the DC animation universe forward.

The story of the reign of Supermen shows us four new versions of Superman, who claims to be the right successor – Superboy, Cyborg Superman, Steel, and The Eradicator. These four Supermen emerge right after Superman’s death. They all had their own story and agenda. Director Sam Liu returned as the director after last year’s Death Of Superman. The voice actors also returned after last year’s Death of Superman, with Jerry O’Connell as Superman, Rainn Wilson as Lex Luthor, and Rebecca Romijn as Lois Lane along with the old as well as the new cast members.

The animation in the movie was impressive, and the editing and sound design were also impressive. Reign of Superman is certainly an important movie for the DC fans in more than one ways. The old fans too got a chance to rejoice, seeing the comic book pages coming to life. The newer fans also get an opportunity to enjoy Superman’s one of the most iconic storylines.

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