How Superman Saved a Family From Losing Their Home!

Superman Saving Kids

Well, I don’t mean that we should jump off buildings to find out if the Man of Steel comes to save us!

But Superman did save a family who was facing foreclosure!

Oh also, this is not a comic book story, this happened in real life; not in Metropolis.

So how Kal-El did save the day again (in the real world)?

Read the full article and find out.

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You already know, Superman has heat vision, arctic breath, God-like strength, can see through houses and walls and can fly faster than a speeding bullet!

Here’s a real story about how the Man of Steel saved a family from losing their home.

In July 2010 a family discovered a copy of Action Comics #1 in their basement.

The family was packing up their stuff as they were facing foreclosure then.

Now for those who don’t know, Action Comics #1 is the first comic book where Superman made his debut.

Today it’s one of the most expensive comic books.

In the year 2012, Comics Buyer’s Guide estimated that there are only 50-100 copies left of the Action Comics #1.

In 2010, a copy of Action Comics #1 was sold at $1 billion!

Hollywood actor, Nicholas cage, had a copy that was stolen and then he got it back too. That copy was sold for $2.16 million!

Nicholas cage and action comics 1

Let’s go back to our actual story.

So the family was going through the painful and emotional process of packing up as they were facing foreclosure.

The family said that the house was theirs since the 1950s.

The copy of the Action Comics #1 was stashed in a box with some other comics. While the other comics were not worth much, the Action Comics #1 was rare and a vital part of the American pop culture history.

The couple looked up the internet and found that brokered the record-breaking sales of the Action Comics #1 for $1 million and $1.5 million.

As soon as the family discovered it, they contacted Stephen Fishler, co-owner of Metropolis Collectibles and

Stephen Fishler, co-owner of Metropolis Collectibles
Source: YouTube estimated that the comic book could be auctioned for maybe $2.5 million or maybe higher!

The family then saved their house by selling the Action Comics #1.

The family chose to be anonymous, and the exact amount that they got is still a mystery.

But they could save their home.

That’s how Superman saved the day!

Happy story, isn’t it?

So, think before you throw away your comic books people.

Tell us what you think and tell us how you like collecting comics?

What do you think?

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