Fanboy Fights – Who’s The Most Powerful Superhero?

Fanboy Fights

Marvel fanboy:Haha Marvel rules, DC sucks lol.”

DC fanboy: “Batman will defeat everyone in Marvel alone ha ha ha.”

Fanboys after Ironman “Movie” and The Dark Knight

Marvel fanboy: “Batman is so overrated. Ironman can kick Batman’s ass rofl.”

DC fanboy: “Batman knows 1 million kinds of martial arts, and he can even beat God with an umbrella lol. Just give him some prep time

Fanboys post infinity war, who read 11 comics and seen all the Marvel movies and slept through Batman v Superman

Marvel fanboy: “Thanos can beat everyone, Superman is no match for him. He can create a shield around him; I’m sure Superman can’t even break it. Plus he can telepathically make Superman kill himself. And if it’s old king Thanos, he’ll make Superman his bitch just like he made Hulk and Ghost rider his! Oh also the Ghost rider here mentioned is Frank Castle, so if he can make the most aggressive and dangerous kind of Ghost Rider, what is DC characters in front of him. ‘Martha’ Lol

DC fanboy: “haha lol….the new 52 Superman was seen lifting 5.972 sextillion metric tons, which is the weight of the earth…he can freaking lift the earth! And the silver age superman is stronger than him. For how long the shield of Thanos can hold if he pounds on it with earth’s weight repeatedly…read some comics…haha rofl

That’s how fanboys fight!

Isn’t it frustrating? You see an article on some superhero movie, and then you look at the comments. Either you’ll also be sucked into the debate on DC vs. Marvel, or you’ll lose interest!

The occasional winner of such debate is usually someone who knows a lot about his favorite character. However, I hardly see anyone winning, because we are protective of our favorites and we don’t give up.

That’s how we are!

We are protective of anything that we love. Be it our religion, country, god, favorite actor, favorite character, Salman Khan, and the list goes on.

But did we ever wonder: Do they need any protecting?

No! They don’t!

In this never-ending debate about which superhero can defeat which superhero, we tend to forget the main point: We don’t fall in love with a superhero just because he’s the strongest!

If that were the case, only the over-powered superhero comics and movies would be selling. Characters like Batman and Punisher will be gone before anybody realizes.

Who’s the one that can defeat everyone?

The answer is nobody in a fair and square match!

Suppose the top 100 superheroes, ranging from Superman to Nova, are in some arcade one-to-one tournament, who do you think will win? There will be factors like the place, time of the day, and of course POPULARITY!

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Before you say, Batman will be the winner, let me tell you that all the superhero showdowns are won/lost on chances. One bad move, one lucky shot or one mistake!

Imagine, before Batman could take out his kryptonite, Superman decapitates him or punches him with all his strength!

Superman Punches Batman
Source: YouTube

Because he can! Here’s why: his fist’s speed reaches up to 16 times the speed of light, which is equivalent to detonating 45 Megatons of TNT. The energy released will be equal to 80 trillion Kelvin.

In simple words, if Superman punches an ordinary man, first he won’t see his punch and second he’ll be vaporized instantly!

Now out of 5 cases, Batman can take out kryptonite on one occasion, not on all events. And that’s the point; each superhero is super because they are somewhat invincible and they can only be beaten on their worst day.

One fine day, Black Panther may shred Batman to pieces, and on another day, Batman will make him suffocate him in his own suit till he passes out!

On one occasion, Ironman can trap Wonder Woman inside his Hulk buster and send it to space and on another, Wonder Woman tears his suit down and punches him to death.

I’m a comic book fan, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I may not know everything! Because that isn’t even the determining factor.

If my dedication is decided upon questions like who’s the leading reporter of Gotham Gazette, I’ll fail!

But why do facts determine whether we are fans or not? Absurd isn’t it?

A Batman fan may notice something remarkable about the character on day one reading his first comic book! Another Batman fan who has read many of his comics would still be seen fighting with an Ironman fan on the internet!

Comic industry and social media pages know the fact that people like to see their favorites fighting! That’s why they won’t miss any chance of pitting fans against fans. And they succeed every time.

Superhero fights sell!

It’s time that we understand a character and admit that a superhero can be defeated. That doesn’t make that superhero weak because like I told all superhero fights are won/lost by chance.

It was never like Superman slaps the back of Namor and Namor goes home crying!

It’s sad that we are so caught up with our fascination of superheroes that we became possessive about them.

Read comics, watch movies, and appreciate a character for what he/she is!

When we learn to accept facts, we’ll know how to enjoy a superhero story. And trust me they are not about measuring “you-know-what.”

That’s how you become a fan, not a fanboy.

Tell me what you think. It’ll be awesome to know what you think about it.

What do you think?

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