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    Fanboy Fights – Who’s The Most Powerful Superhero?

    Marvel fanboy: “Haha Marvel rules, DC sucks lol.” DC fanboy: “Batman will defeat everyone in Marvel alone ha ha ha.” Fanboys after Ironman “Movie” and The Dark Knight Marvel fanboy: “Batman is so overrated. Ironman can kick Batman’s ass rofl.” DC fanboy: “Batman knows 1 million kinds of martial arts, and he can even beat […] More

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    Aquaman: The Rise of The King of Atlantis!

    I loved James Wan’s Aquaman movie. Primarily because James Wan did justice to the character and Jason Momoa looked just perfect as Aquaman, if not comic accurate but still nailed the role! I really like the character and so will you once you know how incredible and awesome Arthur Curry is. Therefore, I thought it’s […] More

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    Iron Man: The Man Under The Suit

    Today, Iron man is the new favorite superhero of many. Is that because he’s relatable? Or because he’s a fantastical character? One thing I always noticed about Iron man’s origin is that he never learned martial arts or any hand-to-hand combat. In addition to that, he’s someone whose superpower is his level of intellect, which […] More

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    11 “Very Bad” Comic Book Inspired Movies

    captain America

    While you are still making fun of Justice League, and Suicide Squad for being bad movies, there are superhero movies that are far worse. This article will tell you about 10 such superhero movies that will make the Suicide Squad, a masterpiece! Here we go: 1. Green Lantern (Director: Martin Campbell) It’s hard to believe […] More