Aquaman: The Rise of The King of Atlantis!

I loved James Wan’s Aquaman movie. Primarily because James Wan did justice to the character and Jason Momoa looked just perfect as Aquaman, if not comic accurate but still nailed the role!

I really like the character and so will you once you know how incredible and awesome Arthur Curry is.

Therefore, I thought it’s a good idea to introduce (read re-introduce) The King of Atlantis to you all.

Aquaman was subjected to many jokes in series like The Big Bang Theory, Entourage, and Family Guy.

Aquaman funny
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Everything changed after the relaunch of Aquaman with his own series in the New 52 run of DC comics.

Aquaman or Arthur Curry made his debut in the year 1941.

In the silver age of DC comics, Aquaman was even one of the founding members of the Justice League.

In the Modern age of DC comics, Aquaman was established as the King of Atlantis.

However, “Can talk to fish,” and other jokes continued.

Thankfully Geoff Johns (Chief Creator Officer of DC entertainment) stepped in and set Arthur Curry/Aquaman right!

Geoff Johns took over Aquaman as a writer from the New 52 series.

In 2011, Aquaman surprised everyone with Aquaman #1. Mainly because that issue cleared many misconceptions that people had about this character.

Aquaman #1 2011

Aquaman was no longer a B-Grade grumpy character that people thought of him, especially after the Justice League animated series.

Aquaman comics had a reasonable amount of humor without making Arthur Curry (Aquaman) funny.

With many more issues coming up, Geoff Johns showed Aquaman’s emotional depth, his abilities, and many knew for the first time that Aquaman is bullet-proof!

With the New 52 Throne of Atlantis, Aquaman emerged as a prominent DC character.

We see how Arthur Curry/Aquaman controls the power of sea life. Simultaneously, we also see Arthur Curry’s brother Orm (the Ocean Master) emerging as an impressive villain with a strong personality.

And finally, an answer to the age-old “talking to fish” joke!

“Aquaman can talk to fish?”

There’s a scene in the New 52 Aquaman Volume 1 (The Trench), where Aquaman walks in a restaurant.

He sits down and looks at the menu and orders fish and chips.

Aquaman Ordering

A nearby man says to him that he can’t have fish and chips; Arthur (Aquaman) asks why not? The man says he can’t eat fish because he talks to fish!

Arthur then explains that fishes can’t talk because their brains are too primitive to carry on a conversation.

Then he goes on and explains how he controls them.

Arthur says that he reaches into their midbrains and telepathically he pushes them to help him.

So there you have it! Aquaman doesn’t talk to fish; instead, he controls them telepathically. In fact, he can control any sea life – right from sharks to Kraken!

Aquaman; one of the strongest character in the DC universe today!

Like I said earlier, Aquaman has been one of the seven founding members of the Justice League.

After New 52, he has been a part of many major DC storylines. He even fought Darkseid too! He stabbed Darkseid in his eyes with his Trident!

Aquaman and Darkside
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The bearer of the Trident of Neptune is a badass!

Oh also, his Trident of Neptune is 100% unbreakable, which means it can’t be broken.

Aquaman is not just the ruler of Atlantis, but he also rules the seven seas. Therefore, you can say Aquaman rules all of the sea world and sea life.

Now our earth is 70% water, imagine how powerful that makes Aquaman!

Further, Aquaman’s Trident not only controls the sea, but it also controls the weather. He can summon a storm or even bolts of lightning with his Trident.

Aquaman is the king of Atlantis and has a huge army of trained warriors who can fight both on water and on land. Also, Atlanteans are pretty advanced with their technologies.

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Aquaman’s strengths

Aquaman has telepathic abilities, strength (strong enough to lift buildings), enhanced vision (he can even see in complete darkness), and he’s bullet-proof!

Aquaman can swim at an incredible speed. He can swim at breath-taking speeds up to even Mach 5!

The one thing that sets Arthur Curry apart from the other members of the Justice League is his aggression. He will ensure that Justice is served and for that, he can kill too!

Don’t undervalue who Aquaman truly is – Mera

That’s it!

Aquaman is much cooler than you thought.

Over the years, many made jokes on him, but Arthur Curry is an awesome superhero.

Once Mera said something to Aquaman, which is something I would like to tell all of you today:

Don’t undervalue who Aquaman truly is.

What do you think?

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