11 “Very Bad” Comic Book Inspired Movies

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While you are still making fun of Justice League, and Suicide Squad for being bad movies, there are superhero movies that are far worse.

This article will tell you about 10 such superhero movies that will make the Suicide Squad, a masterpiece!

Here we go:

1. Green Lantern (Director: Martin Campbell)

It’s hard to believe the guy who was awesome in Deadpool was in one of the worst comic book movies, Green Lantern.

One of the funniest things in Green Lantern was that Kilowag trains him in like 10 minutes! Can you believe it, DC’s one of the prominent characters, a crime-fighting space cop/superhero was trained in 10 minutes.

Not all popular superheroes can make a good movie, and Green Lantern proved it.

green lantern
Source: Comic Book

2. Elektra (Director: Rob Bowman)

Elektra had terrible shaky action scenes, too many flashbacks, which became annoying, and bad CGI (probably slightly better than the Mortal Kombat movies)

Jennifer Garner was also seen fighting with flying white bed sheets in a room, and I still don’t get what were they trying to prove?

Source: The Film Experience

3. Supergirl (Director: Jeannot Szwarc)

Invisible monsters, lousy acting, irrelevant and stupid scenes, and the main villain with weird/confusing powers were just a few things that made this movie a trashy superhero movie.

Source: The Prince Charles Cinema

4. RIPD (Director: Robert Schwentke)

Another gold from Ryan Reynolds!

RIPD looked like a version of Men in Black, where instead of aliens they take care of strange ghosts.

The movie is so predictable that if you doze off somewhere in the beginning and wake up 15 minutes before the climax, you can still guess the whole plot.

Source: Roger Ebert

5. Superman 4 (Director: Sidney J. Furie)

Superman and Lex Luthor gave birth to “nuclear man!”

After Superman 4, there was no Superman movie for 20 years! I think Superman 4 should be blamed for that.

Superman 4
Source: Capeless Crusader

6. Fantastic Four (Director: Josh Trank)

Please don’t get confused. I’m talking about the 2015 Fantastic Four movie.

I always believed that Stan Lee is a very smart man, and maybe that’s why he didn’t have any cameo in this movie.

When you see the poster you see there is a “4” in place of “A”, I don’t know how to pronounce it: Fantastic Four or Fant4stic? (Fanfourstick!?!?)

It was a joyless, and tedious Marvel movie. It’s like every other Marvel movie minus the fun and interest.

Fantastic Four 2015
Source: ScreenGeek

7. Captain America (Director: Albert Pyun)

This is the old one, not the Chris Evans one.

The weirdest part was, in this movie Steve Rogers hike cars and then he requests them to pull over as he says he’s feeling sick. The moment the owner comes to check if he’s alright, he runs back to the car and steals it. That was something!

Captain America will never do that!

captain america 1990
Source: YouTube

8. Howard the Duck (Director: Willard Huyck)

In case you are hoping that someday a super fun movie will come on Howard, the duck, then know that there was one. A tone-deaf and trashy one.

It was rated PG, but you see stuff like a condom recovered from Howard’s wallet and Howard getting a weird duck erection on the head!

Howard the Duck
Source: Comic Book

9. Catwoman (Director: Pitof)

If you like Catwoman, then please avoid this movie. An iconic Batman character successfully ruined.

The soundtrack was horrible, and the cats were CGI, I mean why? You don’t need CGI cats for all the cat scenes!

Source: Comic Book

10. The Return of Swamp Thing (Director: Jim Wynorski)

This movie ended up being a B-grade movie about a hairy cheesy monster.

The strange part is that while the first movie was appreciated, it was ridiculed for being a laughable comic book horror movie.

The movie had terrible dialogues and bad plots, so bad that it became funny.

The Return of Swamp Thing
Source: Cinapse

11. Daredevil (Director: Mark Steven Johnson)

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and Colin Farrell were in the movie, and it was a disaster.

Also, it has Jon Favreau in the role of Foggy Nelson. That man started the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Ironman!

If you are looking for a movie that is ruined by talented people, then Daredevil is the best answer.

Daredevil 2003
Source: GamesRadar

There you have it!

If you thought that you would find Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in the list, then the joke’s on you.

There are far worse things in the name of superhero movies.

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What do you think?

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