Great Movies That Got Scrapped For Stupid Reasons

There is a lot of movies that get shelved every year. They get shelved for various reasons.
However, few movies could have been blockbuster if they weren’t cancelled.
Here’s a list of movies that could have been big and awesome but got shelved for stupid reasons.

Star Trek: Planet of the Titans

Star Trek: Planet of the Titans
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After 3 seasons, Star Trek was cancelled in the year 1969. However, it’s popularity never died.
By the year 1977, the series Star Trek was all set to hit the big screen!
The project was called Star Trek: Planet of the Titans. In this movie, Captain Kirk and the enterprise would cross paths with characters of Greek mythology.
But the project was cancelled by the Paramount president, Barry Diller. According to him, since Star Wars was already scheduled to release that year, he felt audience wouldn’t accept two space epics at the same time!

Justice League: Mortal

Justice League: Mortal
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It was long before when Marvel dominated the box office with Avengers; Warner Brothers were all set to release Justice League.
Justice League: Mortal even went into production in the year 2007. George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road director) was supposed to direct it.
Armie Hammer was supposed to be Batman, and Megan Gale was all set to play the role of Wonder Woman.
Before they can finish the script, the Writers Guild of America went on strike. By the time strike ended, all the actors had got busy with different projects.
Ultimately Justice League: Mortal was scrapped.



In the year 2008, Pixar announced an animated movie called Newt.
The story is about two blue-footed lizards, who were the last of their species and now to save their species they must get together. The twist: they can’t stand each other!
Why the movie got cancelled? It’s because, in 2011, Fox Animation Studios released an animated movie called Rio, which had the same plot. The only difference: In Rio it was birds; blue birds!
Rio started with its production in 2007; a year before Newt was announced.
The makers of Newt felt that their movie would look like a rip-off of Rio. So they cancelled Newt.

Sequels to Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation

In the year 2009, Terminator Salvation released with Christian Bale, as John Conner and Sam Worthington in the lead.
The movie did well, and two sequels were planned for Terminator Salvation.
The production company, The Halcyon Company, went bankrupt and couldn’t pay off a debt of $39 million to the hedge fund Pacificor.
The result: The sequels got cancelled!

A Freddie Mercury/Queen Biopic

A Freddie Mercury/Queen Biopic

Can you guess who was supposed to play the role of the legendary great rock star late Freddie Mercury in this cancelled biopic?
Comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen!
Cohen was excited as he was a big fan of Freddie Mercury.
However, the surviving members of the band, Queen demanded that the second half of the movie should concentrate on the band and not on Freddie.
They wanted the movie to show how the band did great even after Freddy’s demise.
That leads to a difference in opinions, and as a result, the movie got shelved.

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