How Marvel Cinematic Universe set Mandarin right (finally!)

Iron man 3

Ironman’s popular villain, Mandarin debuted in the third sequel of Ironman movie.

Most of us were disappointed with the way Marvel portrayed Mandarin.

In the movie, Mandarin was shown as a disguise or a role that an actor plays; Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley).

To make it worse, Trevor was later revealed to be a whimsical character.

Trevor Slattery Ben Kingsley
Source: marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia

Mandarin was nothing, by far, like that.

Pardon me for the comparison, but somehow I feel he’s the Ra’s Al Ghul of Marvel comics.

In comics, we know Mandarin, as a brilliant scientist and a skilled fighter with sound knowledge of combat skills.

The Ten Rings that Mandarin possesses make him a powerful being.

The ten rings are of alien technology, and each has a unique power. Mandarin wears them on specific fingers.

In the year, 2009 Mandarin earned the 81st position in the list of greatest comic book villain of all time (IGN) beating popular Marvel villains like Carnage and Electro.

Oh did I tell you that he’s a descendant of a great conqueror? Yes, he’s a descendant of Genghis Khan.


In 2013, Ironman 3 released and I was excited to see the great villain on screen.

Ben Kingsley says in the trailer, “Some people call me a terrorist; I consider myself a teacher!”

Somewhere I hoped that it would be the best Ironman movie.

Iron man 3

I’m not saying the movie wasn’t good, but I was disappointed the way they showed Mandarin in the end.

So is Mandarin just a fictitious character in MCU?

I convinced myself that he is; until 2014.

Marvel released a short film featuring Trevor Slattery, and it’s called All Hail the King.

The story was a follow-up and showed Trevor Slattery’s life in jail.

The short film shows a documentary filmmaker ready to interview the fake Mandarin, Trevor Slattery.

all hail the king
Source: YouTube

Trevor Slattery is now in Seagate Prison and lives quite luxuriously there.

He has a butler called Herman and has his fan club too.

He is protected and respected inside the jail.

Trevor goes into the room where the documentary filmmaker will interview him.

Interestingly, the documentary filmmaker is named Jackson Norris; a character in the Marvel comics.

The interview starts, and the interviewer reminds Trevor of his first break as a child artist.

He then shows a picture of a young Trevor with his mother.

The interviewer also mentions how Trevor starred in a miserably failed CBS.

Then, the interviewer tells Trevor that his portrayal of Mandarin. He added that the real ten rings organisation is also not happy with him.

all hail the king still
Source: YouTube

That statement proved that the 10 Rings terrorist organisation exists in MCU!

The interviewer then talks about the 10 Rings organisation and Mandarin.

Eventually, it was shown that the interviewer also has a tattoo of the ten rings in his arm.

The interviewer reveals that he came here to break free Trevor and he’ll be taken to the real Mandarin.

The short film ends without revealing the real Mandarin.

But I was happy to know that the real Mandarin exists and excited to see when or how he’ll be revealed.

The Mandarin may or may not appear on screen, but it’s okay; I’m just happy that MCU acknowledged the real Mandarin.

What do you think?

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