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    The Real Heroes Behind Superheroes : Mark Millar

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    For those who don’t know who Mark Millar is; he is one of the best comic-writers and the man behind some of the iconic work like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Wanted, Marvel’s Civil War (The Graphic Novel), DC Comics’ Red Son, Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Ultimate Fantastic Four and Wolvorine: Old Man Logan. The Ultimates (2002) served as a […] More

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    8 Most Powerful Characters in the DC Universe


    When I say the most powerful characters in the DC universe, I don’t just mean the good ones. Some of them are villains, and anti-heroes. It’s time that we pick our 8 most powerful beings in the DC comics. You want to skip the whole article and know who’s the number one? It’s Batman! Lol, […] More

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    5 Things That Many People Get Wrong About Batman

    Batman needs no introduction. In my opinion, Batman and Superman are bigger than their publication house, DC comics. Batman is undoubtedly the most iconic superhero in the comic book world. He didn’t need any popular actor or a renowned filmmaker to get people’s attention! He already had that. For over 75 years, Batman gave us […] More

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    The Dark Knight Rises: The Story of Bane and Batman

    Do you remember a shot in The Dark Knight Rises, where Bruce climbs up the well and just before he takes the longest leap, bats fly out from his back? Source: Quora Did you think the scene was just random? Remember, what the blind prisoner says when he fails to make the climb? He said […] More

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    Superheroes For Everyone!

    Generally, superheroes are considered American exports or products; if not all, most of them. I mean you can think that Batman or Daredevil don’t promote any particular nation, but the characters like Superman and Iron man usually seem more American. At least that’s how they are perceived in most cases. However, despite their established impression, […] More

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    Iron Man: The Man Under The Suit

    Today, Iron man is the new favorite superhero of many. Is that because he’s relatable? Or because he’s a fantastical character? One thing I always noticed about Iron man’s origin is that he never learned martial arts or any hand-to-hand combat. In addition to that, he’s someone whose superpower is his level of intellect, which […] More

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    The Rise of Superhero Culture: From Pages to Screens

    Imagine its April 1938 and the excitement of a 15-year-old boy who holds the Action Comics #1 in his hands. He brings home the comics with 10 cents and flips the cover and smells the pages. In the cover, there is a man dressed just like a circus strongman with red trunks, blue bodysuit, and […] More

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    The Love-Hate Relationship Between DC Comics and Marvel Comics

    Marvel and DC comics are still considered as rivals to each other. Although Kevin Feige (President, Marvel Studios) and Geoff Johns (Chief Creative Officer) said that they don’t see each other as rivals, there’s a constant fight among the fanboys. Here are some instances when both these comic giants came into one frame together. Sometimes […] More

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    Can Superheroes be Political?

    The series, video games, popular movies, and of course comics that features superheroes are usually considered to be marketed for adolescents and children. However, if you are one of them, then know that their content and the whole idea of superheroes are more serious than their perceived reputation. Superheroes and comics are political; always have […] More

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    11 “Very Bad” Comic Book Inspired Movies

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    While you are still making fun of Justice League, and Suicide Squad for being bad movies, there are superhero movies that are far worse. This article will tell you about 10 such superhero movies that will make the Suicide Squad, a masterpiece! Here we go: 1. Green Lantern (Director: Martin Campbell) It’s hard to believe […] More

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    How Marvel Cinematic Universe set Mandarin right (finally!)

    Iron man 3

    Ironman’s popular villain, Mandarin debuted in the third sequel of Ironman movie. Most of us were disappointed with the way Marvel portrayed Mandarin. In the movie, Mandarin was shown as a disguise or a role that an actor plays; Trevor Slattery (Ben Kingsley). To make it worse, Trevor was later revealed to be a whimsical […] More