The Dark Knight Rises: The Story of Bane and Batman

Do you remember a shot in The Dark Knight Rises, where Bruce climbs up the well and just before he takes the longest leap, bats fly out from his back?

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Did you think the scene was just random?

Remember, what the blind prisoner says when he fails to make the climb?

He said that he (Bruce) needs to find back the fear to make the climb successfully.

Now, bats symbolize fear for Bruce Wayne. So when the bats flew out, it was like the fear has found him back.

And needless to say, he makes the climb and escapes.

There are a few more things that were subtly put in the movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

It was relevant and it was political.

One of the most interesting things about the movie was how Bane and Batman were similar.

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In fact, it was a fight between personalities that are the same.

A former ‘League of Shadows‘ member, a masked man who accepted vigilantism, which was a response to the injustices that he suffered in his early age. That’s the story of both Bane and Batman!

The popular dialogue, “nobody cared who I was until I put on the mask” applies on Batman too.

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How do we know Batman as a character?

Batman is a character that is not bound by any restriction. He is a person who is imperfect, yet perfect.

Batman is always “dangerously” right about everything.

As a character, Batman rejects the democratic processes and fight terror with terror.

Frank Miller’s version somehow makes him look like a terrorist himself, who will not compromise with anything and will bring justice.

Batman protects Gotham, a city where the river water runs through the subterranean Gotham. The dark water under the thin ice crust, symbolizing the evil in the city that lurks within and below.

In The Dark Knight Rises, there was again the mirroring between Batman and his opponent, like the previous two movies.

The movie creates a connection between the characters until the point when one breaks the other.

batman and baneSource: Wallpaper Flare

Then the city, Gotham, exposes its political decay and corruption that Bane uses.

Then fast forward to the prison, Bruce Wayne had to endure the prison just like Bane did.

Whereas Bane suffered a broken jaw while escaping the jail, Bruce suffered a broken back before he was brought in.

The prison made both feel physical pain.

The climax made us believe for some time that Batman died.

Then again Christopher Nolan shows Batman (Bruce Wayne).

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Nolan maintained that Batman is a symbol and it can’t die.

Batman - The Dark Knight Rises Source:

The popular trilogy ends with the rebirth of Batman, a version Alfred always wanted to see.

What do you think?

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