Where Did The Man Come From?

Do you remember a scene from the first Avengers movie, where Clint Barton a.k.a HawkEye talks about inter-dimensional travelling? He was talking about the cube/tesseract that Loki stole from the S.H.I.E.L.D facility.

Clint Barton said, “The cube is a doorway to the other end of space, right? Doors open from both sides!”

You see, inter-dimensional travelling or existence of parallel universes have been a part of many remarkable fictional stories.

Both DC and Marvel comics used this concept in many of their storylines.

However, in real life, there have been cases that support the possibility and existence of parallel dimensions or universes.

Do you believe in inter-dimensional universes or realities? If yes, do you think that someone can come from one dimension from another?

Here’s a real-life story of a man who is believed to have visited us from another dimension.

Read the full story.

The Man From a Place That doesn’t Exist

Mysterious Man

In July 1954, a man came to Tokyo, Japan.

He arrived by a flight, and he was a well-dressed slender European gentleman carrying a briefcase with other luggage.

The primary language of the man was French, although he could also speak Japanese.

He told the officials that the purpose of his trip to Japan was business.

There was nothing unnatural about him. He looked genuine and convincing.

Things took a bizarre turn when he handed them his passport.

The passport looked authentic and official that had travel stamps from several countries including Japan.

What the officials found odd was his country of origin.

In bold letters, the name of his country of origin was written Taured.

None of them recognised the place. They asked the man to come with them.

He was taken to a room. The officials asked him to show a few other forms of identification, which he provided without any hesitation.

Those documents convinced them that the man was from a place called Taured.

The man also showed them the bank notes and currency of Taured. Those looked genuine too!

Now, the officials were more confused and placed a map in front of him and asked him to point out where his country is situated.

It was the man’s turn to be confused.

He pointed an area on the border between Spain and France, where the principality of Andorra is situated today!

principality of Andorra

He told the officials that this is where Taured is. He also added that Taured was a thousand-year-old nation. Therefore, it should be on any standard map.

He said that this was his third trip to Japan that year and he didn’t encounter any issue before. Even the stamps in his passport proved his statement.

The officials enquired about the company he was visiting. The company he said he came to visit never heard of him and the company he said he worked for, didn’t exist.

Further, the hotel where he said he booked a room, didn’t have any reservation under his name.

His confusion turned to anger for some time as he thought the officials were pulling a prank!

He demanded to see government officials. The officials took him to a suite on the top of the airport hotel and asked him to wait in it till they come up with something.

Outside the room, two immigration guards were given strict orders that under no circumstances the man should be allowed to leave the room.

He was served a meal and was seen taking a nap.

Government officials came to his suite in the evening.

They knocked several times, and when they got no answer, they entered the room.

He was nowhere to be seen in the room. Even his belongings were gone.

It appeared that the man from Taured just vanished!

The immigration officers were naturally questioned, and they claimed that they didn’t leave the spot even for a moment. They said that no one came out or went in while they were standing.

The only possible way out was a window that was ledge less, and the suite was on the sixth floor. Even if the man escaped the room through the window, he would fall from a great height on the road. The fall would surely kill anyone.

No one has ever heard from or seen the man again. The man from Taured just vanished from the face of the earth.

There could be many theories; like he travelled to our dimension by accident. He was probably from a reality that is similar to ours.

Maybe while flying from Taured to Japan, he somehow crossed the bridge into our dimension or reality.

He stayed here for some hours and then his own reality pulled him back.

Maybe when he took a nap in that hotel room, his reality pulled him back, and he woke up in a different hotel or his bedroom thinking it was all a strange dream!

Maybe he shared this incident to some people in his reality. Perhaps few believed him and wrote an article for a magazine or a blog on that!

In our reality, it’s just another story that got lost with time like many other unexplained real stories.

That was the story of a man who came from a place that doesn’t exist!

So what do you think happened?

The multiverse can be defined as an infinite number of realities that exist together; all at the same time.

In the year 1895, William James, an American psychologist, introduced the word for the first time.

Although William James coined the word, he meant something different with that term. He referred to it as a moral multiverse, not physical. He called it a world of indifference and plasticity.

In the year 1952, Erwin Schrodinger, an Austrian physicist used the term to describe a possibility of parallel or alternate universes.

Erwin Schrodinger popular thought or philosophy is called Schrodinger’s cat.

What did Schrodinger say about multiverse?

According to Schrodinger’s hypothesis, a person faces millions or maybe trillions of different choices that could result in millions or trillions of different outcomes.

Every time, these proverbial crossroads are arrived at, our universe splits into many other possible branches, which are based on the decisions that were available to the person at that time or moment.

These branches become a reality and co-exist in different space-times.

Now imagine how many life forms exist on our planet. Even if you just take into account only the human lives and each person facing the situation where there are thousands of different choices, the result would be an infinite number of alternate realities or universes!

These alternate universes co-exist and are not supposed to interact with each other.

But what if these universes interact, even accidentally?

Although experts still believe it’s a hypothesis, there are incidents and accounts where people were believed to have travelled from or to alternate universes.

This is one such story. A striking real-life incident that is still unexplained.

What do you think?

That whole incident made many questions whether inter-dimensional travelling is possible or not. Most importantly, are there parallel dimensions that exist?

In 2008, a woman named Lerina Garcia woke up one morning and noticed that there were some changes in her bedroom.

The furniture was shifted, the bed sheet was different, and the pyjama she remembered wearing while sleeping was also different.

Later that day, she went to her workplace and saw all new faces. Her department and her job role were also different than what she remembered having since the last two decades.

She came home and found that her partner was someone she broke up with six months ago and the person who she was dating was nowhere to be seen.

She has been stuck ever since.

Is this another case of inter-dimensional crossing or just a woman losing her mind?

You can decide whatever you want, but before concluding read all the stories of inter-dimensional travel.

I hope you liked the story.

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What do you think?

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