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It’s been almost two months since one of the most memorable Magnus opuses in the history of television shows finally came to an end. I don’t want to praise or criticize the last season of Game of Thrones since it is entirely an individual perspective. I fell in love with the show, and always wanted to share my experience with the show and how it changed my outlook from films and encouraged me to watch more series. Millions of fans and critics have expressed their love or spoken about the show or even criticized the show. Me – I just love it no matter what, and I’m here to narrate my journey with the show.

Game of Thrones Series
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The Beginning

Game of Thrones – do you still need an introduction? It’s like Michael Jackson – my mom never listened to his music, but she knows who he is! Well, GOT – its pretty much the same. Young or old, fan or hater – half the world knows about it.

I first heard about GOT, believe it or not, over a conference call at work when one of my managers from the United States expressed her love for the show. I think it was sometime in 2014. I didn’t feel intrigued back then since I had never heard about it, moreover, I was not a fan of television series. The only series I had ever watched until that moment was Band of Brothers. I switched jobs in 2015, and a few of my new colleagues were hardcore fans of the show. It was fascinating that some of them were not avid followers of Hollywood films or series, but they were crazy fans of the show. That was my moment of reckoning, and thus began my journey of the Seven Kingdoms.

The Love

And so my watch began. GOT had already finished five seasons, which was both good and bad to me. Good – because I was able to binge-watch five seasons. Bad – because I was missing one of the best modern-day shows for such a long time.

If I’m being completely honest, I had a little dissent after watching the first season, but eventually understood the importance when I watched the subsequent seasons. So each time I recommend GOT to my friends, I simply explain them “have patience with the first season as it is important to know the premise, and if you can complete the second season – you’re officially a GOT addict.” Trust me – I have transformed a lot of addicts.

Everything about the show is just a melancholic infestation, and I still remember my agitation to come back from work in a rush just to watch an episode. I used to think I was crazy. Thank God! I’ve met folks who have shared a similar experience.

Right from production design to excellent casting choices portraying some of the most iconic and beloved characters to ever grace our television screens (or even computers, laptops, tablets or mobile…pun intended). Be it the seamless execution of the double Ds (Dan and David), or some splendid directional choices to wondrous locations, spell bounding costumes, even the iconic theme song – how can you not fall in love with the show? The show is a delight for action and fantasy lovers. The show’s cinematography and visual effects are beyond the realm of TV shows. It is like a never-ending bucket list of appreciation, and so is my love for the show.

The End

As the saying goes, ‘Every good thing must come to an end’, and the same goes for the show as well. The final season left the fans divided. While some fans were distraught, the others loved it, and a few cribbed while others were reasonable. The final season is like an eternal circle of love-hate communion. The final episode was a bit of a let down – at least to me, otherwise, it was a decent season if we ignore the shortcomings.

The mammoth question on everyone’s mind as to why the season was cut short to only six episodes? If you consider with a different perspective, then the season wasn’t cut short in terms of run time (maybe a little but not substantially), but in terms of episodes. Yes, it is definitely rushed – there’s no denying, but there must have been some solid reasons behind it. Let’s consider a few:

1. It is by far the most expensive season for GOT, even for any other TV series produced till date. So, the studio might have considered reducing the episodes to cover the cost.

2. The double D’s (David Benioff and D.B. Weiss) were working on it for more than a decade, and as creative individuals, they must be inclined towards new projects. They already revealed their interest for a new series titled ‘Confederate’ after GOT is over.

3. It is now officially announced that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss will helm the new Star Wars film. George Lucas himself was present during the production of the final season, which might be an indication. It might be possible that they were already on-board, and George’s presence was just a confirmation.

4. Apart from the creators, the entire cast and crew were also occupied with the series for many years. Some actors are now global stars, so they might be eager to pursue other roles. The same goes for the production crew.

5. In the end, no matter what – it is one of my all-time favorite shows, and nothing can change that. There were so many unforgettable moments and enchanting characters. If we forget the dragons and magic for a moment, then Game of Thrones is a replica of the world we live in filled with love, betrayal, politics, blood, murder, and above all, the true existence of human beings.

What do you think?

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