Momus Review – Polar (2019)

Seenematograph: 6/10

Genre: Action/Crime

Director: Jonas Åkerlund

Cast: Mads Mikkelsen, Katheryn Winnick, Matt Lucas, Vanessa Hudgens

Country: Germany/USA

Language: English

Polar - Momus Review
Source – Screen Rant

Momus Take –

Polar is packed with grisly violence, awesome visuals, and an awesome soundtrack by Deadmau5; rest is just pretty much average. I haven’t read all the graphic novels, and I’m not familiar with all the characters, therefore, for me, it was pretty much a new story. For me, the only reason to watch was Mads Mikkelsen because he grabs your attention every time he is on the screen! The movie, Polar, doesn’t have too many action sequences, but enough to keep you glued to your place. The brutal and bloody action scene that takes place inside a tunnel was excellent and well filmed, choreographed, and edited nicely. The story plot was very simple but had a twist in the end (although nothing extraordinary or out of this world!)

Polar is the story of a highly skilled assassin who is planning to retire, but that’s not what his former boss wants. He sends a group of deadly assassins to hunt him down and kill him. Swedish director, Jonas Åkerlund, who enjoyed a long career in music videos, created a visually supreme, and dark narrative with his impressive direction. The performance of Mad Mikkelsen stands out easily from the rest. Another impressive role was Viking’s, Katheryn Winnick. Vanessa Hudgens’ role was more of a supporting kind. Pär M. Ekberg should be given credit for the visual essence of the movie. While everyone is caught up in the never-ending battle between Marvel and DC, Dark Horse is gradually stepping out in the light, and Polar is one of their most awesome live-action projects certainly.

For those who are not into comics or graphic novels, you can still enjoy the movie. It is certainly a very good action movie. Lastly, if you loved John Wick, you gonna like Polar too!

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