Victims of the Glamorous Dream: Divya Bharti

How do you kill a dream? By killing the dreamer? What if your dreams push you to death? Living a life of glamour and fame is a common dream: While some achieve it, some get lost in oblivion. Mahesh Anand was a common face during the 90s, yet we had to google when he heard that he was lying dead in his house. Nobody came to claim his body for a long time.

Mahesh Anand is a sad example but if you feel that he had a tragic end because he couldn’t make it big, then what happened to Divya Bharati?

A popular star in this nation dies and it was ruled out as an accident!

Today, let us re-tell the story of this beautiful actress who was also just another Victim of the glamorous dream.

Divya Bharti - Victims of the Glamorous Dream
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It’s not a cake walk for everyone to come under the limelight in Bollywood, but one girl sparkled. Divya Om Prakash Bharti, popularly known as Divya Bharti. She was one of the Bollywood dreamgirls. She surprised the entire nation with her beauty, talent and unfortunately death too.

Divya was born on 25 February 1974, Maharashtra. Although she made her debut in Telugu film Bobbili Raja (1990) She was discovered by filmmaker Nandu Tolani when she was in the ninth standard/ninth grade) for Gunahon Ka Devta in 1988, but unfortunately, her role was canceled. Few other movies also got dropped until her Bobbili Raja was released and became a colossal hit.

Divya Bharti in Bobbili Raja
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With great success in the Telugu films, she was one of the highest paid actresses and also acted with all the top stars of Tollywood at that time including Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu and Nandamuri Balakrishna. Watching her success and growth as a superstar in Telugu, top directors of Bollywood were eager to sign her for their upcoming films.

With her doll-like looks, innocence and childish nature she soon made a place in the hearts of Indian film lovers. After her success in Bollywood with the films like  Shola Aur Shabnam, Deewana, Jaan Se Pyaara, Geet etc. Critics reported that Bharti belonged to a new breed of Hindi film actors who broke away from character stereotypes.

She was always a surprise. She shocked everyone by marrying 26-year-old director-producer Sajid Nadiadwala on 10 May 1992 in a private ceremony, with the presence of her hairdresser-friend Sandhya. It was said they were in love since they met on sets of Govinda’s Shola Aur Shabnam and they kept it as a secret. Despite keeping their relationship as a secret she expressed her feelings for Sajid Nadiadwala in a couple of interviews. In an interview, she stated that she will be soon announcing a big thing in 1994.

Divya Bharti married Sajid Nadiadwala
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5th April 1993

5th April 1993, the day that shocked all her fans and the entire nation as well.

On that day she returned to Mumbai from Chennai and canceled her trip to Hyderabad as she injured her foot. She had a meeting with designer friend Neeta Lulla with her husband in her fifth-floor apartment in Tulsi Buildings, Versova, Andheri West (Mumbai) which she purchased for her brother Kunal. They were all having drinks and Divya’s maid Amrita was also present there. Around 10 pm Divya fell off the window. She was immediately rushed to Cooper hospital but died coz of severe head injuries and internal bleeding.

Divya Bharti Funeral
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The death of Divya is still a mystery because of no clear evidence whether she just fell or pushed by someone. There were also whispers saying the hand of the underworld involved in her death. The major reason for the suspense is that the Versova flat was not on her name and it was in the name of someone else.

The investigation was closed in 1998 by Mumbai police and the reason for death was stated as “accidental death”.

R.I.P Divya Bharti

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