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    The 11 Deaths in Burari

    Burari, a small town in North Delhi, India, witnessed a normal family perish. A family of eleven, all dead; under strange circumstances. The events, however, that led to the deaths of the Chundawats were mysterious and proved that what appears to be a normal family could be bizarre and strange inside. This is the story […] More

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    The Song That Killed People

    I have always found female ghosts in horror movies scarier than male ghosts! I believe that anything that shakes our belief system or is opposite to it is scary to us. For instance, most of us perceive women as beautiful, loving, caring, sympathetic, or an object to love. So, when we see something just the […] More

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    The Dance of Death

    It was 1518, July. Mrs. Frau Troffea began dancing on the street passionately in Strasbourg’s street. She danced for six days and then others joined her. Soon it was 34 people dancing, and then within a month, there were 400 dancers, mostly women! Then some of them started dying. Some died of sudden heart attacks, […] More