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The word symbiosis means a type of long-term and biological interaction between two organisms that are biologically different.

It can be parasitic!

Just like Venom: The ultimate rival of the Spider-man.

Eddie Brock or Edward Charles Allan Brock is the most common host of Venom. Eddy hates Spider-man, and so does Venom!

We saw Venom fighting Spider-man just once in Spider-man 3 and now Venom got its own movie!

The brilliant actor Tom Hardy is played Eddy Brock/Venom and boy, did he rock!

Venom Tom Hardy

This article is about this awesome character, Venom.

Although the movie version and the comic version aren’t exactly the same, still this article will give you a fair idea about Venom.

Let’s begin.

Why Eddie hates Spider-man?

Eddie published an article where he incriminates a man who he thought to be a serial killer.

Spider-man caught the actual culprit the very same day, shamming Eddie publicly.

Eddie was fired from the company for spreading fake news, his wife left him, and his father disowned him too.

To add more to it, Eddie found out that he has cancer.

Eddie blamed Spider-man for all these and thus came to hate Spider-man.

venom and spiderman
Source: Screen Rant

These events and his hatred for Spider-man ultimately leads him to meet a symbiote, which he names Venom later.

Origin and nature

Venom is from a planet called Klyntar.

The only objective of Venom (before it was named Venom) was to fuse with living hosts and grow stronger.

Although Venom is from Klyntar, the habitats of Klyntar are peaceful! They inherit the characteristics of the host.

So how this symbiote (venom) became so violent?

It’s because this symbiote bonded with an alien that was violent and hell-bent on genocide. From that alien, it got the rage.

Then the symbiote went on to bond with Deadpool. From Deadpool it got lunacy.

deadpool venom
Source: Inverse

So, when it bonded with Spider-man, he felt that lunacy and rage too.

Spider-man could eventually discard it, but the symbiote becomes obsessed with Spider-man.


Venom has increased durability, speed, and strength as compared to many Marvel superheroes.

Venom can also shapeshift and become invisible. Venom can also heal rapidly. It can also power through bullets.

Venom carries abilities from its previous hosts.

After bonding with Spider-man, venom inherited some of his abilities too.

Venom can shoot webs that are so strong that even Spider-man can’t break through.

Moreover, Venom has one amazing quality: shapeshifting. It can be a liquid and escape or create wingsuit or even shoot out spikes. It can also create sharp spikes or weapons that it can stab its opponent with.

Venom fought big-hitters too!

Just in case, you didn’t know:

Venom defeated Spider-man without any host. It has also defeated one of the strongest characters in the Marvel universe, Juggernaut.

Venom even withstood blows from the Hulk. Further, he also shook off Hulk’s thunderclap!

hulk vs venom
Source: DeviantArt

Another crazy achievement of Venom is that he once resisted Ghost-rider’s penance stare.

Venom is fast too! It once caught rocket mid-air.

It can toss away heavy vehicles like trucks several blocks away and tear open metal doors with its hands.

Although the Venom has a weakness to loud sound, it can grow some tolerance to it.

Venom’s diet

Venom needs a diet of a chemical called phenethylamine.

Phenethylamine is found in chocolate and BRAIN MATTER!!

That’s right; Venom eats brains.

So that’s enough information about Venom.

Venom is an interesting character appearing in many great comic storylines.

Therefore, it’s only natural that Venom is all set to mark its presence on the big screen.

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