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    The Abduction Story of His Wife

    Over the last five decades or so, there have been numerous evident, eye-witnesses, and stories of one common subject – often suppressed by disbelief, disinformation, and ridiculed. A phenomenon, supposedly experienced by thousands, maybe even millions yet still considered widely as just an interesting topic. Stories of indescribable horror, torment, strange creatures that visit people […] More

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    It wasn’t My Dog. Was it an Evil Entity?

    I live in a place away from the city. There’s a forest nearby, and few families live in the area. In the last few years, many people shifted in the area, and I’m one of them. My dog was a hunting dog; he was fast, an excellent sniffer, and my best friend. He seemed to […] More

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    Scared Of My Own Reflection

    Humans don’t usually look alike, but it’s not unnatural to have at least one look-alike for each of us. You see the features and characteristics of humans can arrange themselves in a certain number of times. The number, however big, is finite. The combination of the characteristics and features will repeat itself, especially features like […] More