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The Batman who laughs - Scott Snyder
Scott Snyder - The Actual Heroes Behind the Heroes
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Irrespective of what the world thinks about the DC Comics’ run, New 52, it will always remain as one of the best runs for Batman stories and fans. The person who should be applauded for that is Scott Snyder. An ardent Elvis Presley fan, Scott Snyder, wrote for both Marvel and DC comics. Some of his best sellers are Swamp Thing, American Vampire, and of course the Batman stories like the Court of Owls, Endgame, and Batman: Gates of Gotham. Scott Snyder is also known for his short story collection, Voodoo Heart.

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Scott Snyder believes that it was “Eyes of the Dragon” (Stephen King) that made him believe in the love of story-telling. Scott Snyder is also a fan of prominent and iconic comic book writers, Frank Miller and Alan Moore. In June 2006, Dial Press published Scott’s Voodoo Heart, which was praised by Booklist, The New York Times, and Publishers’ Weekly. Scott’s favourite Stephen King picked two of its stories, Dumpster Tuesday and Wreck in the 2007 “The Best American Short Stories” anthology shortlist.

Scott Snyder teaches writing at Sarah Lawrence College, Columbia University, and New York University. Before moving to Vertigo, he worked for Marvel comics and wrote Iron Man: Noir (a 4-issue miniseries) Scott’s American Vampire (Vertigo) was a 5-issue storyline that featured a Stephen King’s original storyline. In the year 2011, American Vampire won the Eisner Award for the Best New Series. American Vampire also won the Harvey Award for the Best New Series in the same year.

The year 2011 was a good year for Scott Snyder. He started working on the New 52 Batman and Swamp Thing stories. Later, Scott also wrote Talon, a spin-off of his Batman storyline, “Court of the Owls” Later in 2013, Scott wrote Superman Unchained. Scott Synder also contributed heavily in the Batman Eternal series and the All-Star Batman series.

In DC Rebirth run, Scott Snyder gave all the Batman fans, one of the biggest Batman events: Dark Nights: Metal in 2017. The series became an instant hit and social media was flooded with gossips and updates related to the storyline. It was Dark Nights: Metal that gave fans a new twisted character, “The Batman who laughs!” The character is Bruce Wayne from a different Earth (Earth – 22) but with the insanity of the Joker. The character build-up was interesting and came from something that Batman would never do: Kill Joker. But later, it was revealed that Joker won even after his death! Joker and Batman became one and there was no stopping the “Batman who laughs” because it was much like the Joker but with Batman’s skills and abilities.

The Batman who laughs - Scott Snyder
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Scott Snyder with his best partner, Greg Capullo gave the fans some of the best Batman stories that are likely to be considered as timeless after a few years. DC introduced Black Label imprint and both Capullo and Scott re-teamed for another thrilling Batman ride, “Batman: Last Knight on Earth

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