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    Lukas (2018) AKA The Bouncer Movie Review

    Seenematograph: 6/10 Genre: Drama/Crime Director: Julien Leclercq Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kevin Janssens, Sveva Alviti, Sami Bouajila, Sam Louwyck, Country: Belgium/France Language: Belgian/French Momus Review – In my opinion, Lukas is a very impressive project in recent times that has Jean-Claude Van Damme. The movie is much like a modern-day noir that has a very […] More

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    The 11 Deaths in Burari

    Burari, a small town in North Delhi, India, witnessed a normal family perish. A family of eleven, all dead; under strange circumstances. The events, however, that led to the deaths of the Chundawats were mysterious and proved that what appears to be a normal family could be bizarre and strange inside. This is the story […] More

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    The True Spine-Chilling Story of the Greyhound Beheading

    Friedrich Nietzsche said that whoever is fighting monsters should make sure that they don’t end up a monster themselves in the process. Further, he said that when we gaze into an abyss for a long time, the abyss gazes back into us too. There is a monster living in all of us; it lives in […] More