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    How Super is Superman?

    We all know Superman. Arguably the most popular superhero, Superman is considered to be the first superhero! Of course, there were a handful of superheroes before Superman, but none of them got as popular as Superman. It was Superman who started the Superhero-culture. I think overpowered superheroes are boring! But Superman is an exception. His […] More

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    8 Must Watch Fan Made Superhero Short Films (Not the ‘DC vs. Marvel’ Bad CGI Videos)


    Nascent nation

    The only thing that I love the most about the fan made superhero movies are that they are honest. Yes, they look cheap, the CGIs are extremely bad, and the actors are usually the filmmakers’ friends or family members; so you can’t expect Oscar-winning performances. Obviously, the fan made films don’t have a lavish budget. […] More