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    The Silent Twins – Case of The Mysterious Gibbons

    The Silent twins: June Gibbons and Jennifer Gibbons Medical experts described them as real-life zombies. They were silent; they didn’t speak. They used to walk in a strange and synchronized manner. The silent twins could unsettle anyone who laid eyes on them and observed them. Today, we bring you the strange and bizarre story of […] More

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    The Cursed Movie Script


    You read every day, constantly one medium or the other: A Facebook post, a tweet, some SMS, books, e-books, online articles, and even subtitles while watching some movie. Did you ever stop to realise how our life would be if we don’t have anything to read? But can reading something bring your end? An urban […] More

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    Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) Movie Review

    Seenematograph: 6/10 Genre: Horror/Supernatural Director: Dan Gilroy Cast: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Zawe Ashton, Toni Collette, Tom Sturridge, Daveed Diggs, Natalia Dyer, John Malkovich, and Billy Magnussen Country: USA Language: English Momus Take – Paintings can be eerie sometimes, I admit. I have been to exhibitions and some paintings gave me some creeps (and some […] More

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    The Dance of Death

    It was 1518, July. Mrs. Frau Troffea began dancing on the street passionately in Strasbourg’s street. She danced for six days and then others joined her. Soon it was 34 people dancing, and then within a month, there were 400 dancers, mostly women! Then some of them started dying. Some died of sudden heart attacks, […] More