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    BRIGHTBURN – A Must Watch Trailer

    Brightburn Trailer Review

    It’s been around 24 hours since the trailer was released. It has got a million views by now! The Trailer is a sudden surprise for me and the only reason to watch the full trailer is, it was written by James Gunn the director of “Guardians of the galaxy.” However, let’s be honest: Judging the […] More

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    Lukas (2018) AKA The Bouncer Movie Review

    Seenematograph: 6/10 Genre: Drama/Crime Director: Julien Leclercq Cast: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kevin Janssens, Sveva Alviti, Sami Bouajila, Sam Louwyck, Country: Belgium/France Language: Belgian/French Momus Review – In my opinion, Lukas is a very impressive project in recent times that has Jean-Claude Van Damme. The movie is much like a modern-day noir that has a very […] More

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    Extremely Bad Superhero Rip-off Movies!


    Indian Superman

    What do you call a movie that is not original or just the carbon copy of another movie? We generally call those movies rip-offs or mockbusters. The rip-offs are not original (obviously) but sometimes they do succeed to get our attention. Especially, when the story of the original movie is so good, that the rip-off […] More

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    10 English Movies That Were Ahead Of Time


    What may seem stupid and dreary today, might turn out that they are ahead of time! Movies have changed the trend, started a trend, and ended a trend. Movies like The Matrix or Blade Runner were ridiculed when they came out. However, today they are considered as cult movies. We created a list of 10 […] More