Who Called the Police?

“You know what is the worst a father can see? The dead body of his baby boy!

I remember the last day we were happy. It was the day when we moved to the new house.

My wife and I just bought this spacious house with all our savings.

My son was so happy to see the house; he would play around and be all by himself the whole day.

We were very happy.

While unpacking the boxes in the afternoon, he said he wants to explore the place. We let him go.

He didn’t return for the next 4 hours. We were worried.

It got dark, and we went to search for him.

I saw my baby boy lying lifeless on the road.

He got run over by a car. There’s nothing left in place of his head. It was crushed.

My whole world came crashing down. I wanted to die right there.

This incident shattered my wife.

I don’t remember her saying a word to me or anybody since that day.

She locked herself in the room that was supposed to be my kid’s room.

Days went by, months passed, and she said nothing.

I went to the room with food, make her eat, and she would just eat staring at the wall.

I honestly thought of leaving her and everything and start afresh again, but I couldn’t. Where will she go? I sometimes cried looking at her while she slept.

She never acknowledged my presence even when I was sitting next to her.

Maybe she hated me for not being able to take care of our son. Perhaps she thinks I killed him with my carelessness. Maybe she believes I’m the worst kind of father.

Sometimes, I wanted to scream, and maybe it’ll take out my pain.

Her sister advised me to leave her alone for a month and hire a caretaker. The caretaker will take care of her.

According to her sister, when she won’t see me, she might start missing me.

I never wanted to do that, but I did it anyway. I thought I’d do anything to make her happy again; if not happy just normal.

I went to my wife and asked her, “Will you call me every night? Just once? Don’t say anything, just call me and say my name or just hello, I’ll know you’re there.”

She nodded. I said, Say ‘yes’, I want to hear you say that!

She said ‘Yes’. I heard her voice after so many days.

I packed up my bag and left to the nearby city where my brother lives.

I wanted to be nearby so that I could come anytime I feel.

After 25 days, I was all set to see her again. Like I asked, she called me every day for 25 days. Sometimes, she’d say my name, and sometime she’d just weep and hang up.

I received a call from the neighbours that there were policemen in our home.

I went to find out, and they said that my wife has died.

The police said that they received nine calls from her phone number in the last two days. Someone would just call and weep.

They tracked the number and got the address.

There was a bad smell, maybe she died 1-2 days ago, and perhaps the smell was because of that.

They also said that they found rocks, candles, and strange signs drawn on the floor and wall.

I rushed inside and saw the bizarre signs and all my son’s clothes were lying on the bed; the room was covered with dust.

The layer of dust was so thick that it proved that they have been sitting in those places for a very long time.

Strangely, I saw her mobile laying on the table, and it was covered with dust too. It felt as if it was untouched also for a long time. But she used to call me every night.

Mobile covered with dust

I saw the caretaker, and she said that she couldn’t go inside the room. She used to knock, but she got no response. Gradually she stopped knocking too.

The caretaker said that she would keep the food outside and used to stand there till she sees his wife’s hand take the plate inside.

The caretaker said that she was there 24X7.

There was no sign of break-in too.

I convinced myself that maybe her heart stopped because of the grief or perhaps it’s a stroke that took her life.

I went to the Police and asked if they found anything. They assured that they’d let me know if anything comes up.

I got a letter from them in the evening. They said they recovered it later.

My wife wrote it. I knew her handwriting.

It read:

“You’re not my son. You’re evil and have cheated me. It was my mistake to bring you to my life. I love my son, and I’m going to him.”

The Police then said that according to the medical report, my wife died 23 days ago!”

Satanic symbols

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